Thursday, 21 October 2010

Changes & Updates to Blog

Good morning ladies!

I suppose actually that is good morning again, seeing as I have already written an entry this morning.

I have made some little changes to the blog.  First I have added a new page titled Tutorials.  More on that in a minute.  When I added the page it rolled the page tabs at the top of the blog round to a second line.  I didn't like that look, so I popped back & redesigned the other pages headings.  Abbreviated them really.  "Basic Information" now reads "Club Info", & "Basic Craft Kit" has had the word "Craft" removed.  Doing this meant that all page tabs appear in the one line.  Of course it now occurs to me what would I do if I decided to add any more pages.  Cross that bridge when I get to it comes to mind!.

The new page is headed - "Tutorials".  On my blog entry for October 12th I described how I had made the Double Easel Card - along with pictures.  Now, at the side of each page there is a section headed "Labels" - & all you need to do is click on the entry you are interested in & it takes you direct to that blog entry.  There is a label for double easel card - so it will take you to the tutorial that way - but I thought it might be nicer to have them all under one tab.  This would mean that the blog entry that talked about a project with a tutorial would have a link to the tutorial.  It wouldn't be on the blog twice - except for the first one - see below. Not only that - so often it is you ladies at the clubs that show a project during a meeting & I thought it would be good to have the tutorials for those posted.  What better place than under one roof - headed Tutorials.

Also if you have a favourite tutorial that you use regularly & would like to share it - then let's have a copy here.

I thought there should be a few ground rules on this.  Basically i would need written instruction along with pictures if possible, plus your name at the bottom.  If the project you have written was found somewhere else then recognition must be given to that source - eg the name of the person or company & their website.  If you have altered it in some way - just state how.

How do you get it to me?  Two ways - the first - write it all out & post it along with photos (if you have them), or give it to me at a club meeting. (Hmm! isn't that 2 ways in one?).  Second way  - email it to me.  I will then either write it up or simply copy & paste it into the blog.  If you don't have photos - don't worry i will make up your project & photograph it step by step.

For those ladies who do not have an Internet interest - I will be mentioning this at club nights & so they will have the chance to participate as well.

So come on - whose going to be first.  Don't be shy.  Perhaps I should have said who is going to be first after me - as I will copy the Double Easel Card tutorial over there. 
te he.

Talk more - possibly later.

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