Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sorry I've not blogged

Hi everyone.
Sorry I have been missing for a few days - I had one of those funny days on Wednesday - where I really did not feel like doing much.  Also it looked like a recent infection in my ear had returned & that left me feeling a bit low as it is quite uncomfortable, plus I couldn't get warm.  In fact during the evening I was really quite cold.

Anyway, I managed to hold the workshop I was doing on Thursday, but when I got home I felt so shaky & cold I went to bed.  I didn't really sleep but dozed a lot, eventually got up again about 5:30, didn't feel like dinner.  My ear was hurting & down the side of my neck on both sides was tender.

Friday morning I decided to call the doctor & managed to persuade reception that I couldn't possibly get to the surgery & required a home visit.  Turns out it is an infection but not in the ear - just everywhere else around my head.  In my scalp, across my forehead.  You name it it is there.  So I now have a lovely collection of pills & ointments.  Also yesterday I had a rash on my forehead which by last night had spread & become a bit lumpy with streaks down each side of my nose onto my cheeks.  You know those lovely markings on a cheetah's face?  Well like that - but not beautiful. So! I have obviously upset something in life - but I think enough is enough now.

That brings us to this morning - & really I should not be doing all this typing, as the rash has called my eyelids to swell especially my left one & I can hardly see out of it - in fact I can hardly see my eye.  Fortunately the blogging set up has a great spell check - so I can just keep typing & go back & run the check. You will have to let me off if some words slip through as they may be correct words but not as I want them.

Sorry about the whinge - will find something more interesting & crafty tomorrow.

I have some pictures from Mold II's club night - but I will pop in again later today & put those up.

I hope you are all ok & free of any health troubles.

Oooh - don't forget ....................

an extra hour in bed tonight!
Love to all

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  1. Oh Gloria, poor you! What a rotten time you're having lately. I do hope this all clears up quickly for you - it's not shingles is it?


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