Sunday, 31 October 2010

Spooky, spooky & Mold II pictures

Spooky spooky greetings to you all whether you take an interest in this day or not.

Before I get to the pictures from Mold II club meeting I think I owe all of you somewhat of an apology. I did rather rant on yesterday about my problems.  I was feeling rather low I admit - but I needn't have used your page to do that.  I guess it was easy to do because it is just like to talking to friends.  So to close that episode - I am still a bit itchy, can still not see completely out of left eye - but feeling brighter.  Have got on top of it. You have to don't you - doesn't do to wallow.

Thank you to Joanna for your kind comment on yesterdays post - & thankfully it is not shingles - just (just!) an infection.  hey ho.

So, photos.  On Tuesday Mold II was making the pop up Christmas card (there is a picture on their club page) & Rota has sent me 2 photos that show them clustered together in the open position.  I understand Rita has some more showing the outsides - so when she has time to send me those they will appear in one of the later postings.

Well tomorrow is the start of November - so I guess countdown to Christmas starts - & it only seems a couple of weeks ago the family was sat all together opening our presents awaiting Christmas dinner.  Ah well.

So, I guess I should go & do something & creative - perhaps have a cup of tea first.  Te he.

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