Sunday, 14 November 2010

Crafting this weekend

Hello again ladies

I didn't get to blog later yesterday after all - I had such plans for the day but they didn't quite work out. After that very quick blog pointing you to a fun blog I went down to Sealand Shopping Centre.  It was mainly to go to Tesco Home Store or PC World for ink cartridges for my printer.  After parking near Hobbycraft - which I managed to avoid entering - I popped into TK-Max (is that right?) - for a look round.  Whilst there I found a couple of little things for Christmas & Christmas Stocking presents.  Then I popped over to Tesco & got my cartridges, taking a slow walk round as I was already feeling the effort of walking around the shops.  When I got back home I couldn't believe how tired I was. The all day workshop last Saturday hadn't made me feel so tired.

I had plans to continue making cards but was a bit concerned that I would spoil them - so decided to do something else.  It was a big Rugby day & Gareth had come round to watch the games with Bob - so I decided to do a bit of CD research for some of my cards.  I try & stamp as many Christmas cards as I can - but I have to sometimes include other crafts.  As I quite enjoy playing with CD crafts I thought the ones that I make every year for the people who work with Bob would be CD based this year.  So I spent a very pleasant afternoon looking through CD's & choosing the designs.  I only have to make 6 - but try & make them different, so took a long time choosing.  I have decided - well what a surprise - to do an easel card for them this year.

After printing off what I had chosen I popped into the craft room to tidy up from the previous days work.  I had used my Big-shot for those cards along with a Nestabilities shape to cut out & frame the stamped images. I was about to throw the left-overs away when I realised that trimmed a little bit they would make nice aperture frame surrounds for toppers on another design.  So I trimmed those carefully.

Today I have cut out the CD printouts along with their associated decoupage - its pyramage actually - so they are ready to put together later.  We have decided to go out to dinner today & will be going along to the new(ish) Gastro Pub -^The Running Hare" at about 3:30 -  so providing I don't eat too much (which usually makes me feel tired if I eat earlier in the day) I hope to start putting those cards together.  Also I might have some photos for you.  So I am going to stop blogging now - save the posting as a draft, then come back to it later in the evening.

Ah ha - I was right - sleep style after my meal.  We got back home about 5:15 & I thought I would sit & let my meal go down before I started doing anything.  Well that turned out to be watching TV.  Never mind tomorrow is another day & I have to finish my lucky dip Christmas Card for HSNW for our meeting in the evening.  So I will be all fired up with creativity & can do all the things I was going to do today - tomorrow, & I will take some photos for you.

Hope you have had good weekend, & achieved more than I managed.

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