Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday! what Friday

Oops! Where did this day go.

This morning I shot off earlyish to the shops to get various plastic crate type boxes & more of those flat pack boxes to continue with the next stage of my "sorting".  On the way to the shop I was going to I remembered the new Morrisons that had opened.  Well! as I was passing I thought I would take a look.  It's very nice.  I also found several Christmas Stocking goodies - so that was good.  Then from there continued my journey to the shop for the boxes.

By then it was time for some lunch - i don't dash from one thing to another at the moment - so some time had passed. When I got home I had my lunch then worked on a little admin stuff I had to do related to a function I had been to yesterday lunch time.  On finishing that I had to pop a few roads away to hand the money over to the group treasurer.

Timings were good - everything was on plan - well except for the fact that I had originally planned to put the photos from last night on the blog first thing today - but would do it when I handed this money over.

The treasurer asked me in to comment on a letter we had received & then we chatted about the lunch.  Still going well.  Then he & his wife asked me a question about family history research as their daughter-in-law was starting to look into it for the family.  Yes well.  Just over 2 hours later I returned home.

The evening seems to have flown by too - & still no photos.

I am so sorry - I promise they will be go up in the morning.  Just take it as a warning - don't get me started on family history.  It's bad enough when I start talking about rubber stamping (which reminds me I am already booked for 3 talks next year).

Have a great weekend what ever you are doing.  I expect I will be sorting & doing some crafting whilst Bob & Gareth watch the rugby tomorrow afternoon.

Oops - when I blogged last night I forgot to say thank you to the Mold ladies for the lovely Christmas spread they put on last night.  Thank you very much - a nice finish to the year.

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