Monday, 29 November 2010

Just a chat

Hi everyone
Brrrr! I swear its even colder & have you heard what they think the temperatures are going to be over the next couple of days!!   Whilst having a poke around the Internet recently about everything & nothing I came across the following rather cute poem.  Now seems the right time to include it;

by William Cline

In a yard a snowman will stand
A little boy will take his hand
They'll stand & talk for a little while
On the snowman's face there's a happy smile

As I look at the child's face
I know there's nothing can take the place
Of a snowman on a winter day
As all the children run & play

I think of years that have travelled by
Since I looked towards the sky
And watch the snowflakes tumble down
To make a white blanket o'er the ground

We all seem to grow up fast
And look to years that have raced past
When we were filled with that wonderful joy
Like the happiness I see in that little boy

Next year when the snow comes down
There'll be snowmen all around
And when the ground is covered anew
Who knows! Maybe I'll build one too!!

 Well I haven't built a snowman, but I have done some more crafting today although I ran out of time with the right light to take any photos.

Most of the day was taken up with some admin work for my "other" interest & printing off all the things that I need for Wednesdays CSNW meeting. 

I know I have said it already these last couple of days - but please take great care when going out in this weather especially if we get the rest that has been forecast.

More tomorrow.

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