Sunday, 28 November 2010

Just popping in quickly

Hi everyone

I do hope you have managed to keep warm over the weekend & avoided any mishaps on the icy roads.

Here in Hawarden we didn't get any more snow but I believe it has been promised.

I managed to do some card making over this weekend - I got the wedding anniversary card done - its for Bobs daughter who lives in the States.  Then I remembered I had in a moment of madness just after coming home from hospital - bought a package from Create & Craft for some Christmas Cards.  It was a kit for 10 cards with decoupage with boxes, plus there were some vellum overlays.  So I have put the 10 cards together with one layer of decoupage.  I am going to turn the vellum overlays into wraps around base cards, then I have some decoupage left which I am hoping I will be able to make some more cards from if I use it sensibly.  Sensibly - I am not sure that's the word - but can't think of another one more suitable.  I haven't taken photos yet.  Will do that in the morning & show you tomorrow.

After all that I realised I had not done any stamping - so made 12 Christmas card toppers.  I think I have made most of my cards now.

Can you all keep your fingers crossed that I - & the ladies concerned - get to make it to CSNW final 2010 meeting on Wednesday, please.

Keep warm & safe.  More tomorrow.

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  1. Nice to hear from you - missed you for the past few days :). We've still got the snow which fell the other day, haven't been out of the house for days, our driveway looks lethal! We've just been told that our bike is ready for collection from Knutsford - certainly *not* going out to get that in this weather! I have been blogging a bit though if you want to see what I've been up to...


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