Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mold II Christmas Meeting

Good evening everyone

Well!  I have just got back home after the Mold II Christmas meeting which was a most enjoyable evening & included another evening of great demonstrations by Wendy of Card-io, & of course rounded off with a drink & some mince-pies.  Oh yes, I did weaken & buy some stamps - this time some rather nice word stamps.

We had a slight problem at the start as the caretaker had not turned up to open the hall for us.  So I started at the top of the list of numbers attached to the door to find out why.  In the end it was the other caretaker & his wife who jumped in their car & came down & opened up for us.  Evidently this had happened to Mold II before & it had happened to Mold back in October. I will be ringing the hall tomorrow morning not only to complain but to have our thanks passed on to the couple who did come out - it wasn't very warm stood around outside.  He was there when we finished saying he had been told that Thursday had been the last meeting - but I know tonight was on his worksheet because I spoke to them before the last Mold meeting.

Anyway moan over.

Once again I took photos of Wendy doing her demonstrations & some more of her boards but they will have to go on tomorrow as I am a bit too tired tonight.  I also had some unhappy news (I can't think of any other way to describe it) but my friend Caroline has been taken into hospital, so I am hoping to be able to speak to her husband before going to bed to see how she is. She had emailed me at the weekend saying she wasn't too good, but evidently she started suffering from chest pains - its a worry.

So I am signing off for tonight.  Photos & more chat tomorrow.

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