Sunday, 14 November 2010

Question about yesterdays posting

At the bottom of yesterdays post there is a question from Jo. 

I am not sure which part Jo can't see - so I have generally checked everything out. I have been back in on my posting & the link to the fun blog works - where it says "click here".

If it is the lady's craft blog that hasn't been found - here is the direct link  ..........

(you will have to excuse the f word in her blog name - but if you go to the site you will see it is quite innocent)  ......... but the link on the fun blog was a picture of some coloured blocks way way down on the right hand side.

I have since found that on the fun blog the link to kindness day fails, but it works from the above blog.

Sorry there were problems - please do pop in on both blogs - & of course let me know if there are still problems, although as soon as I have posted this blog I will check out all links.

Craftier news later.

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  1. Sorry, must have been my fault - thought I'd wandered all around your post looking for a 'click here' but didn't find it! Been there today though thanks :)


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