Monday, 15 November 2010

Some work in progress & samples

Hi everyone
Oooh, what a cold morning it was & I think the evening is going to be the same!  I do believe winter is virtually here.

I have taken some pictures of the paper & pyramage cutouts for the cards for Bob's company that I was chatting about yesterday, & I think I have decided on a stepper style card after all.  But as I will be putting it all together tomorrow - who knows what I will change my mind to.

Here they are;

Also I had a play with one of those left over aperture pieces to see how I could use them.  I have taken a photo of that too - but it is lacking something - I think I should have coloured the edges of the card to go with the coloured mount.  I might be able to add that in - or I may just leave that one as it is.  I seem to have rather a large collection of those fabric flowers so I thought that they might be good for the toppers.  I will review the situation on that card tomorrow with a fresh mind and see where I go from there.  Here it is for you to see;
Also I finished off the lucky dip card for HSNW meeting tonight & it is a completely stamped design too - so, another photo for you;

Now I am sitting down having a break from creating, as I need to build some energy before going to the HSNW meeting.  Sitting here I realised that it is only 3 days to the Mold final meeting for the year too - & I haven't finished writing up the programme for the first 3 months of 2011 for your little book.  So will do that now ready to print out & cut up tomorrow.   I hope you like what I have chosen for you - & also my HSNW colleague has come back with dates for her visit to you all.  I will be seeing her tonight so hope I can sort those evenings as well.

So all in all it has been quite a busy day.  I am blogging this now, as I won't get back from the HSNW evening until about 11:00pm & would be too tired to blog then.

Have a nice evening - chat more tomorrow.

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