Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sorting & Creating

Good evening ladies
Ooh I had better say good evening to Gareth too, as it appears he still pops in from time to time & reads the blog.  He mentioned something about it to Bob yesterday whilst they were watching the rugby.

Well, today I have done some more sorting.  Yes there is still boxes & cupboards to go through.  All sorts of things have been found - some lost & thought gone forever, some that have just been hoarded for no particular reason.  When I first started stamping seriously I kept stamps in seed trays, then there were too many to do that- - so I bought some of the card drawer units you can get.  They come flat packed & have 3 or 4 drawers in them.  Eventually of course I needed different storage but that's another story.  The old drawers were kept in the spare bedroom & over time had had things stuffed in the drawers any old way.  Also on top of the drawers I had some card magazine file holders - there were 3 of them & they were stuffed full.  Now was the time to find out what was there.

In the drawers there were far too many plastic bottles of acrylic paint - most had gone a bit hard so they had to go out.  I found a few bottles of those pearl paints that you can make little pearly dots with.  They seemed ok - so they are staying. Two glue guns & glue sticks - one will be hot glue the other cold glue (but which will be which!!!!!). Various packets of die cuts; candles ( I used to stamp on candles).  There was a box of blendable colouring pencils (quite an expensive box) - I had used them on a workshop with HSNW quite some time ago, thought they were brilliant, & bought some from the visiting retailer, then later bought a box of 12.  They were the item I thought was lost & gone for ever.

In the magazine holders I found catalogues from stamp retailers dating back to goodness knows when, & a couple of packs of cards & gift tags that stemmed from when I was a demonstrator for a company called First Class Stamps. Why do we totally ignore some storage boxes etc - or perhaps I should have said I wonder why I have ignored that lot for so long.

After quite a clear out I made some room on my craft desk & put together one of the cards for Bobs work colleagues.  Here it is for you to see & I expect the other 5 will be done in a similar vein.

The message insert goes behind the pyramage & cross over front.

That's it for tonight.

Hope you have had a good weekend.

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