Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas Shopping & Christmas cards

Whoopee!  I've been out.
More precisely I have been out in my car.  Today is the first time it has been driven since the first heavy frost, then the snow started.  It has been covered in heavy frost, snow, more frost.  I was worrying that it might not start first time, that it might be frozen & also that the handbrake might have frozen on.  But no!  what a little treasure - it started first turn & no sticky handbrake.  I have had to review the car situation in the light of all that - I had for a while being talking about possibly changing the car - but I am not so sure now, after that much dependability.  Heck! is that a word?

Anyway it meant I could go & do some Christmas shopping.

Then this afternoon when I came home I sat down & wrote out my Christmas cards.  I have 4 cards to make, then I am done - that's 138 in total & not one single shop bought card.  I think that makes 2010 my record year now, also I have only bought 2 shop cards throughout the year.  They were both sympathy cards which I was actually sending out on behalf of groups of people - there wasn't the time to make them.  So not bad for 2010 I think.  Plus I made over 100 cards to sell for fundraising.  I think having to take things a little easier helped - it did give me time to make things.  I wonder if I can keep it going in 2011!   So, when the last 4 cards are made - probably tomorrow - I can start playing with other things.  Mind you, I think I mentioned before I do have 4 birthdays in the early part of January - so there are those to make before Christmas.

That's me for today - talk to you tomorrow.  Have a great weekend.

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