Monday, 20 December 2010

An icy walk

Hi ladies
Today I had to pop along to my Doctors surgery for my monthly blood test.  As the road right outside us is rather icy & the surgery is just up in the main part of the village I decided to walk.  It's a bit uphill from home so along with the state of the paths it was quite a tiring walk.  Having put my feet on those icy roads I am glad I made the decision not to drive, but using one of those long umbrellas - which Gareth had given me - as a walking stick I was fine. 

Just a short while ago the council came & gritted the junction of our road with the road we sit on the corner of.  So perhaps we will be able to get out of our drive now.  My courtesy car is still sat at the front of the house having gone nowhere.  There were a couple of moments yesterday with cars trying to get up & down the road at the side of us.  Two vehicles managed to slide into the road name post & bend it.

I have done some crafting today - putting final touches to a present, but it is not too warm in my craft room so I am not spending long visits in there. 

Over the weekend I did rather a lot of family history work.  Once you are on a roll it is very hard to put it down.  In fact it really is best to keep going if possible, but I think I might have got as far as I am going to get for a while now.

Today Gareth was planning to drive over to Lincoln to collect his sister & bring her over for a few days.  As yet we don't know whether he did go - so its worry time again.

Since going out this morning I just have not been able to get my feet warm again even though I am wearing socks.  I think a cup of tea is in order - perhaps it will go that far & warm them.

If you are out doing the last of your shopping do take care please - I am worry about you all.

More tomorrow.

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