Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I'm up to date!

Hi everyone - how are you all on another cold cold evening. Bob has just informed me that we have had a fall of snow during the evening.  Ah well.

Yes, I am up to date - that's with my Christmas crafting anyway.  Everything from now on is birthdays etc for 2011, & samples for clubs & workshops.  Hopefully I am also up to date with my Christmas shopping because I don't see much chance of going out for anymore.

I was talking this afternoon to Sue - poor thing she has had a burst & her dining room has been soaked, so she is waiting to have that sorted out, hopefully before Christmas.  So anyone from any  of the clubs if you know Sue & Bill please hold them in your thoughts at this time.

That's it for today - a flying visit.

Keep safe & warm.

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  1. I hope Sue is coping OK, I know just how she's feeling! We've also had problems with a leak where my hall ceiling had to be taken down, the leaking pipe blanked-off and then we've been re-plastered! Means I haven't even got my Xmas tree up in the hallway this year.

    And....my son, fiancée and baby (yippee) have just moved in with us tonight for I don't know how long 'cos they've got burst pipes all over their house!


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