Sunday, 12 December 2010

Lazy weekend

Hi everyone
I hope you have had a good weekend - we decided to make it a rather quiet lazy one. Lazy that is - after we had done the weekend shopping & been & posted our Christmas cards on Saturday morning.

Whilst Bob was watching the rugby on Saturday afternoon - I sat with him with my trusty netbook computer on my lap & did a mixture of things.  I did some family history research & updating of record keeping, then a poke around for rubber stamping ideas & also had a good look amongst my downloads for papers for some cards & things that have to be made soon.  I am left with one very special Christmas card to make & 2 rubber stamped ones, & one in any style I decide on for a lady I had missed on my list.  Not sure how that happened. 

Bob didn't have Gareth to share the rugby with this weekend as he is visiting friends in Kent.  At least there is a great improvement in the weather this weekend - not that Gareth would have tried in weather like last weekend.  So his journeys should be ok - but even though they are older now - you still worry don't you.  Talking of weather I have just read the headline on Google that more snow is forecast before Christmas that is going to upset holiday travel plans.  Glad I am not going away.  Furthest I am travelling is to Gareth's for Christmas day & that's virtually just up the road.  If you are travelling at Christmas I hope this weather holds off - but if we have to have it - I hope it doesn't spoil your plans & celebrations.

Then today, Sunday - as it was such a nice morning I suggested that perhaps we went out into the countryside for a drive.  So that is what we did.  We drove all country roads out through, to name a few areas - Northop, Cilcain, Moel Famau, Loggerheads.  Those are not in the order we went through them. Going in a fashion that is our want by getting to a crossroads or a turning off the road & just going where it takes our fancy.  This meant we drove through some lovely country lanes, & little villages & some magnificent views.  We stopped at the Griffin Inn at Llanferres for a drink, then came home via the main roads.  During the course of our drive we spoke about our 2011 holiday & where we felt we would like to go.  Of course I am going to have to watch how far we travel now.  At one point in the week talking to someone the idea of Jersey popped up.  Then today Bob said he wasn't sure about spending a fortnight there.  I do enjoy my trips to France - so we thought that as we hadn't been to Brittany that could be our choice.  So when we got home - I started surfing for gites in Brittany.  We like to find little villages & out of the way places to stay - not big commercialised areas.  I think this will be something we will be looking into over the Christmas break.  Thoughts of the summer sun.  Yessss!  The day was rounded off very nicely with a nice Sunday Roast which Bob cooked.  I am so spoilt!!

Tomorrow, I am meeting 2 friends for coffee & a natter, then back at home will spend some time crafting.  I still have some photos to put here - but sorry not done them yet.  I took a couple of photos as we came down off Moel Famau trying to catch the fact that the road was frosty but the fields below were green & sunny.  I hope it has come out ok.

Well that's it ladies - more tomorrow.  Sleep warm & well. Night night.

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