Sunday, 30 January 2011

Finally, photos

Good morning everyone & a nice sunny morning it is too.
Oops speak too soon - the sun has just gone in.

This morning I finally got around to photographing those cards made from the pyramage kit.  Here they are;

Before that I prepared my box for my WI talk tomorrow.  I had already decided what I would be doing & had got out all the stamps etc on my desk yesterday.  This morning I decided that I should prepare them in a Create & Craft, & Blue Peter-ish style.  So I have a poly pocket for each sample I am going to work that contains the stamp, ink pad, card, acrylic block if required, EP, glitter & a finished sample.  Then I have a box with my Aquacolour markers in, plus the smaller tools such as craft knife, tweezers, bone folder, scoring tool, paintbrush, adhesive.  Also a pocket with previously made cards in. Added to that a bag with cutting board, ruler, heat gun, baby wipes & kitchen roll. On a sheet of paper I have typed out an itemised list of what I intend doing - each item on the list numbered with a matching number in the poly pockets. 

"How organised!"  I hear you say.  Yep!  But - will I stick to it & more to the point will it work.  I will let you know on Tuesday.

Today we are having a family meal.  Gareth - who came home from Germany on Thursday evening (but has to go back again on Tuesday) is coming round, along with Nadine & Russ who are finally managing to get their days off work on the same day.

I hope whatever you are doing this weekend has been, & continues to be, most pleasant.  More tomorrow - 'bye for now.

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