Sunday, 23 January 2011

Forty Four cards!!!

Yes, you have read that right - 44 cards.

Good afternoon ladies
Yesterday & today whilst Bob has been watching Rugby I have been up in my little craft room making cards & sorting more stash.

Of the 44 cards - 2 were rubber stamped & were made from toppers that I had made last year.  They were in fact the 2 toppers I made for the HSNW Festival Exhibition board when we did the black & white theme.

24 of them were made from the left-overs of a kit I had bought in 2009 from Create & Craft. The kit contained 40 beautiful floral cards with decoupage, which when you popped out the layers gave you pryamage & invertage (in's & out's!) - so 20 of each.  I made up quite a few of them some time back for fundraising & used the decoupage option.  A couple of people who bought them remarked on the amount that it cost them in postage because of the depth.  So when I sorted them out yesterday I made the other 14 with just one frame of the invertage option, & the 10 remaining decoupage with just the second smallest layer attached.  This means I have some of the invertage layers left over.  Basically they are frames with differing sized apertures in them.  Looking at them - I can use most of the as frames.  So I will use them & find a nice floral stamp that will go with them for the middles.  Once they have all been used I will have made in excess of 80 cards from the kit.  I don't feel so bad at buying it now.

Today as I put away freebies from some of the magazines I had bought recently & during the tail end of last year,  I uncovered some packs of chipboard elements.  Four sheets of flower fairies, 3 sheets with dogs & cats on (quite comical) & some oriental.  So I made up the flower fairies & 6 of the dogs.  Voila - 44 cards made.

Have you seen the latest Docrafts "Creativity" magazine.  This issue has a free gift again - a small set of clear stamps - cupcake design, & a floral embossing folder.  Although I am not into cupcakes - I do quite like the little set & the folder is really good - all for £2-50. 

I will probably take some photos of the "kit" & "chipboard" cards tomorrow & pop a slide show here.  The others that I have been making throughout the month will be in a slide show at the end of the month.

After the Mold meeting last Thursday I stood around for a while talking to Joanna. One of the things we spoke about was the problem of storage of hand-made cards that have been received.  I do not want to throw mine out - I have them going back 10 years.  As we chatted Joanna wondered whether the best thing to do was to photograph them & put them onto a CD / DVD.  That is a good idea - so at some time or other I have to start photographing.  That stills leaves a problem - what to do with the actual cards.  So what I have decided is to sort through them carefully once they have been photographed & then recycle what I can.  I will save what toppers I can & embellishments & turn them into new cards, perhaps for charity or the soldiers.  Of course some complete card fronts could be recycled by being layered on to new base cards.  This of course will not happen overnight but is a task I will undertake throughout the year.  It has to be done as I have 4 plastic crates that measure about 30" x 18" x 15" - full of cards.  Also there are some in smaller boxes.  I have been very fortunate to received all these beautiful cards & in one regard it will be quite painful to cut them up - but it would be even worse if they just deteriorated in a box.  So those of you who have given me cards over the years - thank you - I hope you approve of my decision.  I won't reuse them until they are at least 12-18 months old. 

Well, that's my weekend - I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend whatever you have been doing.

More tomorrow - bye for now.

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