Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mold II photographs

Good morning Stampers!

Well here I am as promised last night with the photos from the Mold II meeting.  The slide show is the photos of their show & tell - which was using those strips of card!  After that there will be 3 pictures showing 3 of the albums that were almost finished.

I do feel rather tired this morning - so will not be doing anything strenous.  Probably sit & make some more cards & providing I can decide straight away what I am doing I shouldn't get stressed out by it.  Do you agree that it takes longer to decide what to do than actually do it - most times anyway?

I mentioned yesterday the tag workshop I had done in the morning.  I am going to put photos up of the 2 tags I made whilst showing the ladies - but I am going to put them on my personal blog - as I haven't put anything on there for a while.  Will let you know when they are there just in case you want to take a look.

I will probably pop back in again later today as I did say I would be putting other photos on here of those "kit" cards I had made.  Talking of photos - I must apologise if the colour of those I took last night are not as correct as they should be.  I think it is partially down to the lighting in the room - but the flash didn't go off on the camera either.  I also noticed this morning that one was a bit blurry - I think that is down to me.  I had a reminder last week that it was time to have my eyes tested - so I think I had better get that sorted asap.

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