Friday, 25 February 2011

Clubs 2010 project - first slide show

Well! It's me back again.

You will remember a few weeks back that I mentioned the project I had set for 2010, which only two ladies carried out.

Today I have created a slide show of the photos of Joanna's book (Mold club) - it also includes a photo of the book stood up & open, & the front cover.

One other book was made - that was Sheelagh, also of Mold & I am in the process of sorting the photos of her book & it will be put up in a couple of days.  Here is Joanna's book -

I still haven't come up with a project for this year, have I.  Uhm! what can I think of!


  1. Am I allowed to be inspired by my own work? Just watching the slide show has made me want to go get the book out and re-visit some of those techniques. I'm making a box of cards for my sister so I can go to town with those ideas.

  2. Thanks Caroline, it was fun to do and an invaluable record for ageing memories :)


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