Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mold club night .................... but....................

Where was my head?
I forgot to take a raffle prize - but bought one off Clare.
I forgot the Show & Tell prize - but bought one off Clare
I forgot to take my camera - yes you've got it - well almost - - I borrowed Clares
Then on the drive home I realised - I had forgotten to hand out the notes.

Ah well, things can only improve after that.

So Clare is going to put the photos on a CD for me & as soon as I have them I will put them on the blog.

Ooh nearly forgot -----  see happening again - Good evening ladies!

We had a pleasant evening with getting more from our inkpads, colouring some tags, sort of in the Tim Holtz style. There were some lovely cards for the Show & Tell, which was a sketch layout this time.

So as soon as my head is back in its right state of mind I will blog some more - probably tomorrow.

Night night for now.

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  1. I enjoyed doing the tags and I have now bought some more distress ink in lighter colours.


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