Sunday, 13 February 2011

Next 3 months programme

Hello ladies
Sorry I have missed a couple of days - but things have been very everyday here- domestic - so not so interesting to write about.

I have the programme for the next 3 months for all the clubs.  Looking ahead I will be on holiday at the end of June beginning of July & will miss the June meeting for Mold II & the July meeting for CSNW.  So! planning ahead perhaps you ladies can have a think of something to do those evenings - I have already planned the Show & Tell it would just be the project for the evening that would need finding.

I have made some cards over the weekend , 3 in total, & will include the photos of them in my end of February slide show, but as they were sympathy cards I will not show them individually.

The club pages have been updated - so you can see what is in store for you for up to June.

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  1. Hi Gloria, just popped in to our club programme - for May - will we have time for a project or isn't Cardio coming now? Verena


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