Sunday, 20 February 2011

Weekend on the computer

Hello ladies
No crafting to report this weekend - as I took receipt of a new laptop yesterday morning & have been busy - with Bob's help of course  - transferring stuff from my old laptop.

I am trying to transfer in small bites of the cherry, to save carrying over any items that are now finished with.
The other thing I have had to do is get used to the new Windows setup.

Tomorrow I will be collecting a CD that Clare has left at PBC of the photos from Mold club meeting on TThursday.  Then hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put them here.

Tomorrow evening is the February meeting for HSNW - so I shall be off to that.  My first meeting not being Chairman - it will be a bit strange.

So that has been my weekend - I hope you have all had an enjoyable time.
More tomorrow

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