Tuesday, 31 May 2011

just chatting

Good evening everyone.

Today has been a club preparation today.  Firstly making sure I have everything for CSNW's June meeting tomorrow night.  Also as I am on holiday for their July meeting I have sorted something for them to do in my absence so I have had to make sure I have all that put together as well.  Then of course there are the programmes for August & September.

They are done for all three clubs now & as I will not be seeing the Mold II ladies for their June meeting I am preparing the same thing as CSNW for them.  It seemed only right that Mold were given this challenge too - but I don't miss any of their meetings this time - so I will just have to watch them work.  The challenge will be given to them for July.

Now I have to start thinking about the months to take us to the end of the year.  I hope to get another retailer visit for the final meeting of the year or something for the evening to be different.  So, watch this space.

I haven't added the programme to the blog pages yet - will probably do that tomorrow.

That is it for tonight - more chatting tomorrow.

Monday, 30 May 2011

A good crafting day

Good evening ladies
Well! we are almost at the end of another bank holiday - I do hope you have all had a good weekend.  We now have a long wait for another one - August, but I am now counting the days down to my holiday.  It starts in 24 days time.

Today I have entered three - 3! - challenges with one project, & then another single challenge with another project. Here is the single project;

This challenge was over at "Try it on Tuesdays" - where the challenge was - a Scrapling.  I mentioned these a couple of posts ago for another challenge.

I first coloured the card with various Distress Inks, & then stamped the images in Archival Black ink.  The tree is from a set by Kanban called Autumn Silhouettes & the words are a new stamp by Lavinia Stamps.  A little black ribbon & faux bow just finished it off.

I was a little late sorting this challenge - but decided I had time to do it this afternoon & then post it to the challenge blog.  I did it when there were just 6 hours left. 

I kept thinking I had plenty of time - but of course with it being the weekend & having a leisurely time with Bob - the days rushed by.

Still, I made it.

The other challenge - or I should say challenges, were - over at C.R.A.F.T where the theme was Alter or Recycle, & this was also the theme over at Crafts4Eternity.  I had been putting some of my CD's away in a 2-ring binder when I had the idea that my Alter challenge could be to alter the folders, & that it would suit both challenges.  Whilst thinking about how I would do it - I noticed the challenge over at Crafty Catz where the theme was - Pink & Green.  In order to enter that challenge as well, I chose those colours for my folders. 

So I used background papers & embellishments printed from several of the CD'sthat were stored in the folder for the decoration.

Here is everything laid out on my work desk before I started.

The little green labels are for the spine to tell me what is inside each folder.
As the folder will be taken down from the shelf & put up again many
times I decided not to do any raised embellishments - so everything is flat.

Here is the view of the front & the spine - you can see the label in place on the spine.

Only after I loaded the photos onto my computer did I notice that the pink roses strip at the top of the folder almost looks like a pair of eyes.  Trouble is I cannot get that thought out of my head now.

The back is decorated in a similar manner but without the rose topper.

I was originally going to decorate it patchwork style but then thought for my first attempt that might be pushing it a bit.  So I made do with strips. 

Here is another picture of the front this time with the embellishments in place.

I am quite pleased with the finish - it is all nicely covered inside as well - the front inside is pink paper & the inside of the back cover is green paper.

Now that ones is done I just have to get on with the others - only 3  more to do - or is it 4!

Then of course there are the folders I store my unmounted stamps in - or is that getting carried away.

I will show you the others as & when they are finished.

Well that is me for today - more tomorrow.
Have a good night, sleep tight.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

I got picked!!

Hello everyone
This last week I entered two blog hops one of them carries on into the middle of next week but the other one finished Friday/Saturday
This morning I found that I had been picked twice & have won some digital stamps - 2 lots in fact - one from each of the blogs my name was drawn on.  It was a blog hop across 14 blogs & you had to collect a word from each one & leave a message.  Then the words had to be put together to make a sentence that the main blog had written. No-one got the sentence exactly right so they did a random draw for the winner. My prizes came from leaving a message on each blog.  When I have received my digi-stamps I will let you know & show them.

I don't have any work to show you today as I have only got as far as deciding what I am going to be making & what with.  Hope to have a play tomorrow.

Hope you are having a good weekend, at least the sun is out today.

Talk again tomorrow.
Have fun

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's 29 May & a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Claire

have a lovely day

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Just chatting

Today after usual domestic jobs I have joined another blog hop.  It is a great way of getting a chance to look at other crafters work & ideas,

Today the blog hop was over at a challenge site called Winter Wonderland where they blog about Christmas - not just cards anything you fancy.  Here is the blog hop logo

You don't have to be a blogger to take a look at this one or any that lead off from it- but you would be unable to enter the challenges.  I have checked & it doesn't look like you can enter via email - if you spot that you can then have a go.  In the card challenge section it is always good to go & take a look at how different people interpret a set theme - much like we do with our Show & Tell sessions.  To visit Winter Wonderland click on their logo above.

Will be back tomorrow
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Those night sky photos

Hi everyone
I just remembered that I had promised to show you those photos I took of the night sky after Bob told me there were some strange colours & cloud formations.  Here they are;

Isn't nature marvellous.

That's all I popped in for.
Bye for now.

A challenge met

Good afternoon everyone
There is a stamping challenge blog, which changes its theme every Sunday,  that I try & join in with as much as I can & their challenge this week was called BEARnecessities.

I own 2 nice teddy bear stamps which I thought I would use - but not sure how.  One is large & the other small but they are the same design. Only after I finished the challenge did I remember that I had recently got hold of a tatty bear (think that is what he is called) - the little grey fur fabric bear?  There was a free stamp on the Creativity magazine recently.  Also on other magazines over the past months there have been free sets of stamps & some of those were bears too.  Never mind.

The one I used is one of my favourites when doing demonstrations or giving talks.  He lends himself very nicely to being used on shrink plastic. I wanted to produce a sort of toy box image. 

This is how he turned out.

The toy box was made by cutting out 4 pieces of paper using the quilt template for baby blocks.  I put 3 together to make the box then stuck another one on top with the edge raised to look like the lid of an open box.  That meant I had to show something in the box or falling out of it - hence the little blue teddy about to fall out.

The large teddy is the stamp in its normal size & the little yellow teddy sitting on his lap is him stamped on shrink plastic.  The 3 small teddies are made with the smaller version of the larger teddy.  I placed some tape & a lace edging across the card to try & give the illusion of a shelf for the toy box to sit on.  It was then finished off with that lovely sentiment.  It came with a foam mounted set I bought way back at the beginning of my stamping experience.

Hope you like the card.
Might be back later.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mold II photos

Good evening ladies
This morning I received from Annette the photos of the Mold II project from Tuesday night's meeting.

Thank you Annette your help was very much appreciated & also the speed with which you got them to me. The project was the gatefold card with recessed frame.  Some of these cards are work in progress but the ladies were happy for them to be photographed that far.
 When I uploaded the photos to an album they were mixed up despite me naming them numerically  Anyway, with a little searching I found how to reorganise them which I had not known how to do before.  So hopefully I now have the pairs of photos together - first the gatefold front & then the recessed frame inside.  I apologise for the little dog having a shiny nose but it was impossible to avoid.

It really is a very nice card to make & can of course be made in any size.  Do experiment with this one once you have made it at club night.

Well for some reason blogger has been playing up whilst I have been writing this & seemed to go into save mode rather a lot - so it was taking a while to get the typing done.  I think I will close for tonight & come back tomorrow.

Sleep well.

Oops forgot

Just quickly popping in to say on yesterday's post I forgot to put the link to my blog behind the word "here" -  so that you could look at my challenge cards - if you wanteed to.

So HERE is the link

Talk later.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Just chatting

Hi everyone
Well! I have been a busy girl today.  Girl! I ask you - who am I kidding.

Having carried out various domestic duties I set to on some of the challenges I still wanted to enter this week.  I had decided what I was doing for each & had collected bits & pieces towards them - but today was put together day.

You can read about them on my blog by clicking HERE - I won't write about them again on this blog as I actually did 4 posts which covered 7 challenges.  Three of the cards each suited 2 challenges which is often quite handy,  as I suspect I would have been hard pushed to make 7 cards.  I do hope you will pop over & take a look & I have already had some lovely comments about them.

Today I can show you the card that I gave Sue for her birthday. 

If you do watch my blog you will have seen an almost identical one on there which was entered for a challenge. 

There is a little more to the one for Sue - plus I made an insert for hers with the wording almost matching the colour of the flower.

Last night as I left the Mold II meeting there was the most beautiful sunset - but of course the batteries on my camera had run out so I couldn't take a photo.  You now how I love my weather photos.  Anyway this evening Bob came through from the kitchen to tell me that there were some very strange cloud lighting & formations.  So having put new batteries in camera - I shot out into the garden & snapped away.  I will load them here tomorrow, as it takes a little while to load to the netbook, tidy them up for uploading to the blog, then uploading them & posting them.  If I do it as I am getting tired I make mistakes.  So when I am fresh tomorrow.

I have a workshop in the morning down at PBC but hope to be crafting in the afternoon.

That's me for tonight, sleep well - more tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Just commenting - Andy Warhol

Hi again
Just wanted to pop back & say how impressed I was with the results of this challenge.  I have no idea what made me think of it - I expect I happened to see some of his pictures on the Internet.

You deserve a big round of applause
Take a bow

More tomorrow

Mold II - Andy Warhol

Finally tonights photos from Mold II;

There you go.

Mold - Andy Warhol

Now for the second slide show;

and now for Mold II

Andy Warhol by CSNW

Here go with slide show number one. 

Now for the Mold photos.

Mold II meeting

Hello everyone
I started this post during the afternoon in the hope that when I get home from the Mold II meeting I will be able to add their Andy Warhol show & tell photos, as they are the last group to do them.

I mentioned a few days ago about having to prepare myself for a blood test - well they somehow managed to lose the sample they took - somewhere between the doctor's surgery & the hospital lab.  I wasn't the only person affected - but it meant I had to have another one - which was this morning.  I really should be used to these as I have been having them for a year now. It is a year today that I went into hospital - where has that time gone.

Anyway - let's move to more interesting things - rubber stamping & card making & having fun.

Well! here I am back home again & I have just finished uploading the photographs of the Andy Warhol show & tell for everyone.  I am going to put each clubs photos on a separate posting.

Tonuight we made the gatefold card with recessed frame & several of them were finished enough to take photos.  But after taking the show & tell my batteries died on me.  Annette - one of the members - took photos of the project for me & will email them to me later - so I will show them here when I have received them.

So I am off now to do the other posts so that you can see the results.

Night night.
More tomorrow

Monday, 23 May 2011

A birthday card

Good morning everyone
Sorry no posts over the weekend.  I didn't really do anything crafty to write about - although ........... I did start another craft room sort out.
Having some time ago bought lots of flat back boxes to store all my stash in & worked out a layout on the shelves & on my desk, I decided during the week that it could be improved upon.  Also - my desk needed a clean.
So! everything came off - desk cleaned - decisions made as to how to set everything out.  Don't know if  I can explain - but I had a couple of sets of stackable drawer units on one end of my desk & the backs of them were against the wall with the drawers facing front (obviously!).  But, then by the side of me & running from the end of my desk was a bookcase.  This had all those boxes on it.  So  it cut down the amount of room for opening the drawer of the drawer units - well the bottom set anyway. They are now back in place but with the drawers opening onto my desk towards the centre of the desk.  Does that make sense?  That is instead of sitting on the desk from the back to the front, they are from the side to the centre.  I suppose I should have said the desk is in a corner under the window.
I have a set of about 20 little lidded plastic boxes (from the really useful box company) which hold lots of little bits & pieces & they stack & just fit on the desk under the windowsill.
After being happy with my nice new clean tidy space I went through every drawer of those units & cleared out stuff that has been there for ages & not used.  Things like acrylic paint which was now solid. I had adhesives & tapes in two of the drawers - so they were moved to one a bit deeper - now I have a spare drawer.  You would not believe how many sheets of sticky pads I found, or the number of photo glue tubes.  It is all down to not being able to get at the drawers & not realising I still had these items & just went & bought more.  Certainly don't need any for quite a while now.
I now have a box that holds the cards that I have made for fund-raising (I must add here - rather than two boxes) - so now I know just how many cards I have actually made & it's a lot more than I thought.
There is still more sorting to do but at least one half of my work area is clear & it is easy to find what I am looking for.  During the week I must tackle the other half.

Anyway I called this post - "a birthday card" - so here it is.  It is the one I made for my friend Caroline whose birthday it was on Saturday.

I was originally going to make this card as the cross over card where the two halves with the diagonal cut are crossed over & stuck down creating a pocket.

As I finished sticking the right-hand section down with DSST I stood the card up on my desk & thought it looked rather nice with the left-hand section as an opening flap.  So that is how I left it.

The message label inside uses one of my favourite birthday messages which I often use as the focal image on the front of a card.

The papers, cat, message ring & it's background paper are all from one of Carolines digi kits.  I used them with a graphics package I have called "My Craft Studio" so that I could resize the message ring & cat to suit & also to print a separate cat so that I could 3-d it. 

On the back of the card (which I forgot to photograph) is a silhouette standing fairy - also one of Carolines digi images.

The photo to the right is of the insert for the card.  It was quite a challenge to colour the tag to match in with the colours of the card.  I think in the end it was a little too dark but I couldn't think of the right colour to put over the top to soften it - so thought it best to leave it alone.

There! I think we are up-to-date now.  Ooh, no! Tomorrow I will be able to show you the card I gave Sue for her birthday which is today. 

More tomorrow - or possibly even later today.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is the 23 May & I hope you will join me in wishing

Sue Gilchrist

a Very Happy Birthday

We don't see Sue at the meetings at the moment
but she has been a very important part of the clubs over the years

Have a great day, Sue

Friday, 20 May 2011

Showcasing a club member's work

Good afternoon ladies
Today I have a different slide show for you to see.

At Mold club last night one of the ladies - Shirley - brought in some cards she had been making recently to show me.  In fact to show the ladies as well.  Shirley hasn't had a good few months, in fact I would say longer than a few months.  She broke her arm & then unless my mind is really playing tricks on me she went & broke it again or the other one.  So we haven't seen much of her at club nights recently.  It was so nice to see her last night.

I was so taken with all the work she had done that I decided to photograph them all & put them here for you all to see.  All the flowers are stamps from Joann Sheen & have been coloured in by different methods.  Those cards that have embossed grids etc on them were done using the Hougie Board.

If you have a little collection of your work sitting on your desk - please bring them in for me to see & photograph. Then you can have a slide show too.

Here is the slide show;

aren't they beautiful!
Well done Shirley.  Let's hope we will be seeing other members work as well soon.

That's me for today.  I have two birthday cards to make - well one actually - as one is already made & in the post.  Once the person who it is for has received it I will put a photo here.

Hope you have some fun lined up for the weekend.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

mold meeting

Hi everyone
Just popping in quickly to say that I have not long been in from the Mold meeting & I do have pictures from the meeting - but as the show & tell was the Andy Warhol challenge I cannot show those photos yet as Mold II still has that challenge to do. Their meeting is on Tuesday so should be able to show them all to you on Wednesday.

The project this evening was the gatefold recessed frame card & the ladies want to finish them at home & bring back next month for me to photograph.

One of the Mold members brought in some cards she had been making to show me & I have taken photos of those as well - they will be put on here tomorrow.

So that's all there is for tonight.

Chat tomorrow.
Sleep well.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

An early card .............

....... not early as made ahead of time - just made early in the morning.  About 8:15 am.

As soon as I woke up I had an idea for one of the challenges I was going to enter, so once up I decided not to waste any time.  Weetabix eaten & I was off to the craft room.

Here is the card that I made.

I used the stamp that I bought on Saturday from Creative Pastimes.  When I mentioned it at the weekend I couldn't remember what make it was - it's from Woodware.

This card actually fitted two challenges - One layer Embossing over at Less is More & using Pink, Black & White over at  Crafty Catz 

I stamped the image - called fancy Flower - I think Fantasy Flower suits it better - in black ink & embossed it with clear EP, then coloured it with two shades of pink Promarkers.  The Happy Birthday was also stamped in black & embossed with clear EP.  I can see this image being used a lot because it can be done in any colour.

But that wasn't the end of it when I got back from having my blood test I entered two more challenges. 

Here is the first one which was made for CR84FN blog (this stands for Create For Fun).  The challenge was to use the colours yellow, red & neutral.  I really wouldn't naturally use those colours together but a challenge is a challenge.  The only thing is I didn't do any stamping on it.

Here is the graphic from their blog to show you the colours as they see them. 

I found the yellow daisy paper in my stash of papers from out of magazines & the tag as well. I cut the yellow paper to cover the front of an A5 card just sticking it down at the fold edge.

Continuing my search through my stash I also found some red patterned paper - but I discarded that later as I found other things.  I spotted a piece of neutral linen tape with wording on - so that solved my neutral colour.  Then I noticed that the tag had a red border but it was a bit pale so I covered the border around the tag & the sentiment with red glittery border peel offs.  The daisy paper already had a lace edging printed on it with a single daisy overlaid at the top.  So I put my tape on top of the printed lace & because the tape is a little narrower than the printed lace you can still see the scalloped edge beneath.  Then I had a yellow flower which I placed on top of the tape over the place where the printed daisy is & gave it a red flat back gem for it's centre.  Then to finish I added 3 red flat back gems in each corner.  Phew!

The final card is this one which was for the challenge over on Just for Fun challenge blog.

The theme?  Scraplings.

I will be introducing these at club nights soon - but basically it is a piece of card 2.5" x 11" folded in half.  Why?  Again I will explain at club night.

I really didn't know what to do on this - so just opened & shut the drawers with my stamps in.  This one leapt out at me - in fact I said on my other blog - it looked at me & said "pick me!"

After stamping it in black & embossing in clear EP I thought it reminded me of a retro design,  I chose shades of lilac/purple & a shade of green,  I found the "stitched" lilac ribbon which seemed to go well & that was it. 

But then I moved some things on my desk & knocked a small stamp onto the card & of course the stamp was inky.  Serves me right for not cleaning it when finished with it.  So! I had an inky mark  hence the two butterflies.  One of them covers that mark.  To finish I decided to put the little gems on the butterfly bodies.  Seems to have worked OK.

I actually made the Scrapling before I did the yellow, red & neutral design. After I had finished that design I thought to myself I could have used the image from the Scrapling & coloured it with red & yellow on cream or neutral card.  Or I could have just made the one card to fit the two challenges.  But there you are. Funny how you get other ideas later.

So! that has been my day.  I did get some domestic jobs done too.  Tomorrow night is Mold club meeting so hopefully some of their work to be photographed for the blog.

Hope you are all well.  More tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Just chatting

Hi - yes I am here again.

The earlier post today I had started yesterday afternoon in case I wasn't too tired when I got back from the HSNW meeting.  But I am afraid I was - so it has only just been uploaded.

Tonight I have been to the annual meeting of Parkfields which is where Mold & Mold II clubs meet - we were invited to bring along some items to show everyone what we used the hall for.  I took a good selection of cards I had already made - some boxes that had been made over the course of workshops etc, & some pages from your club folders - ATC's, giant paperclips.  Helen from Mold II came along with me & she brought along a selection of her cards in different shapes & her altered pegs.  I created a poster & some leaflets & we had a pretty good display, & there was some lovely comments made & interest shown.  Stupidly I didn't take my camera, as I had removed it from my bag in order to upload those sky pictures, & hadn't put it back.  But the mobile phone was put to the test - so we will see.

The community centre at Rhuddlan - where CSNW meet - have a similar meeting & I have to hold my hand up & say that I did forget the date.  So I must make sure I attend next time.

I had an email yesterday from the sponsors of the challenge that I won with the card that had the watering can full of flowers- I get to choose 3 of their digi-stamps as well.  Digi stamps are quite handy to have - so tomorrow I need to browse their website & see what I can choose.  Will let you know what that or they are.

Tomorrow has one of my least favourite moments in it - it's time for my once a month blood test.  You would think I had got used to them by now - but although they don't worry me like they used to I still don't like them.  Still they are important so I just have to put up with it.

That's me for tonight - more tomorrow.
Stay safe.

My favourite .... some weather photos

Hello everyone
Back on the 13 May I noticed that the sky was looking very strange  - here are the photos I took;

This photo on the left shows this rather strange yellow looking large smooth cloud. 

It almost looks like large wave of water in the sky

Further away the clouds are whiter & fluffy

The second photo I managed to zoom in quite a bit (without getting shaky) to show the difference between the two cloud sets.

Those clouds further back look just like the snow capped mountains that I could see from my holiday bite last year.

Isn't nature wonderful!

Also sorry to go on about new things I am finding out - but now I have worked out how to get photos slightly overlapping.  Three discoveries in two days is pretty good

Monday, 16 May 2011

Those little boxes

Back again!

Over the last few weeks I have mentioned when telling you what I have been up to - the little boxes for HSNW.

We made the decision to give each of the retailers this show a little box with some chocolates in.  Just a little token as it was our 25th show.  I came up with the idea of pillow boxes & here are some pictures of them for you to see;

One close up & one of the baskets ready to take them to Hulme Hall, & I made 35.

Hey! another discovery - I can put 2 photos side by side.  More space gained.  But then when I did a preview they overlapped - so I came back & reduced their size. Now I have got text between them.  What else can I discover I wonder.  It all goes to make the blog look a little more interesting.

Photos for you to see

Hi - it's me back again.

During the afternoon I remembered that I hadn't shown you the photos of the last few cards I made. I am afraid they were all made via CD or photo's I had.  Here they are;

The first card is the one I made for Russ & Nadine for their first wedding anniversary. 

It is from some images on a set of CD's by a company called "My Craft Studio"

The colour of the rose does not show up so well here as it is actually more of a burgundy colour.  The same colour as the roses Nadine carried in her bouquet on their wedding day

This is the card I made for Russ for his birthday.

Obviously he is a Liverpool fan.  I found a copyright free image on the Internet - or at least I hope it is - as that is what I asked to search for. 

I printed it twice & cut out the shield & banner at the bottom & stuck it over the full picture on 3-d pads.

I guess as I have given it to Russ & not made it to sell I will be alright.

This little card is the one I made for an elderly colleague who celebrated her 87th birthday on Sunday & she has also been unwell - so I hope this will have cheered her up.

The images & background papers came off of the CD that I won a
couple of weeks ago in a blog challenge.

So that is the cards - I have some other photos to show you but will put those in another post.

Oh yes - have you spotted that I have found how to put the photo & text side by side now.  So there won't be such big gaps in the text now.

Bye for now.

A quiet Sunday

Hi ladies
Sorry I didn't post yesterday evening - but we had quite a restful day.  Well! Bob certainly needed it after being at the festival all day.

Then in the evening we went out for a meal with Gareth, Russ & Nadine to celebrate Russ's birthday & his & Nadine's first wedding anniversary.  We went over to the Tava Indian Restaurant at Holt, & had an excellent meal & a very enjoyable evening.  So other than that there was not a lot to write about.

But today could be different.

I am posting now while having a lunch break as it is the HSNW club meeting tonight & I don't get back until quite late from that, so would not feel like posting.

Whilst having a look around the Internet yesterday at various blogs I also popped into Splitcoast Stampers website.  It's a very good site & worth a look.  I have attached a link to it via the name, just above.  I like to pop in every so often & have a look at any new techniques that are being shown & I have some time back entered one or two of their challenges.  But not for a while.  There are lots of discussion areas broken down into different forums & last night I spotted a question on one to do with what the lady was calling the v-fold card.  From her description a bit further along it sounded very much like the Art Deco card that can be made with the Hougie board.  You know how you jump in with both feet without thinking?  Well I posted a message saying I had made the card with a Hougie board & would try & post instructions.  I then received an email from one of the ladies who asked if I could make the instructions in inches as she didn't get on with centimetres. So I gave it some thought & this morning wrote out the instructions including a diagram & about an hour ago uploaded it to the site.  The instructions cover using any scoreboard (rather than specifically the Hougie board), & also for those without a scoreboard. So! we will wait & see what the response is.  I am thinking I may very well write it up on my blog as a tutorial complete with photos.  But that will take a bit longer as I really need someone else to take the photos. I think it would be a bit tricky trying to hold the card as if I was scoring a line & take a photo too.  So watch this space - or rather the one over on my personal blog.  Will let you know when I manage it.  But I have also thought I may very well make it a club project one evening soon.

I think that's me for today ladies - more tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Port Sunlight

Well, there it is - all over for another five months.  I hope you all had a good day & didn't spend too much money. 

I arrived, with Sue, just after 11:00 am & left about 2:15 pm & I have to say I was ready to go home.  I really would not have been able to do my normal full day there.  Of course it takes me ages to walk round because the retailers are great & stop me & ask how I am, & then people that I know & haven't seen for a while (probably since the last festival) - but it really is lovely to be greeted this way.  Of course I also bumped into quite a few of you as well & stopped for a chat.

One of the club members I bumped into was Carol from Mold II who mentioned an idea she had seen being demonstrated by one retailer & thought it would be a good idea for the club - so that was one for the programme notebook.  Then I bumped into her again later, along with Carolyn - also from Mold II - when visiting the man who sells all the card & the £1 items.  Again I was given an idea for the club meetings by them both.  Also from Mold II - I bumped into Rita who suggested that the card man could be a good idea for the coach trip.  So I have spoken to him & got some ideas.  So watch this space & the club nights.

We had several new retailers this time - one of them I particularly wanted to see was Lily of the Valley - but I couldn't get near their stand.  I felt really sorry for the guy who had been left in charge - I don't know how he coped all by himself.  The lady from the Ribbon Box was good too - I had seen her at Wrexham - & I did ask if she would be there in July, but they hadn't made up their mind.

I don't know how many of the members of Mold remember Corinna who left to go to South Africa?  She has since moved to Italy & flew over for the festival - so it was really great seeing her again.

I was very good & didn't spend a lot I was careful what I purchased, as I am trying to clear some of my stash & didn't really want to add it too much.  I bought one of CaroLines new butterfly duo stamps, and a beautiful flower stamp from Creative Pastimes.  I think it is just a fantasy flower but I just fell in love with it.   From Artisan I bought some little canvasses I fancy stamping on & some things from the card man & a shim mat for the Big-shot from Once upon A Stamp.  Not all of you may be aware but Gordon from Once Upon A Stamp was seriously ill in hospital last year (just after I was in hospital) & at first they weren't sure he was going to survive.  But everyone is pleased to see that he has & is well along the path of recovery.  I suspect he will be worn out at the end of today.

Well I think that is me for today.  Tomorrow the pictures of cards etc as promised.

I won again!

This is the post I thought I might lose when Blogger was out of service & was planned for Thursday evening.

Wow! I can't believe it - but I have - I have won again.

It was on the CRAFT Sketch Challenge - I entered this card - click HERE & it will take you to the picture on my blog if you want to see which one it was.

Granted, I won this time with the random number selector - BUT - I also was chosen as part of the top 3 by one of the CRAFT team.  I get a prize & a badge to go on my blog.  In fact I think I will get 2 badges because they give them for the winner & to each of the top 3.  They are not identical they actually say what the badge is for.  As soon as I have received them & put them on my blog I will let you know.

This morning I finished off those boxes that I have mentioned to you before.  A little something to do with the stamp festival.  I left this stage until as late as possible so that they don't get spoilt - I have added the ribbon, a little bow & a label.  I have taken a photo close up of one of them & 2 photo's of them in the baskets that I will be carrying them over in.  So again I can't show you the boxes until after the festival.

Then this afternoon I have had a visitor - Helen - who is a member of the Mold II club.  She came round for a good old natter & swapping of card ideas.  It was also a good opportunity for me to give her her birthday card which is tomorrow.

Talking of tomorrow it will be Russ & Nadine's first wedding anniversary & also Russ's birthday.

Right that is me for today - more tomorrow.

Friday, 13 May 2011

It's back - at last

Hi Ladies

The "it" is the blog site.  I emailed as many of you as I could earlier to say there had been a problem. We just couldn't get into the blog site to post any messages - you could go to a blog to view it but the owners coujldn't up date it. Just poppd in to see how things are doing & we are back.

Also they (thats Blogger), didn't lose any posts, which they said they might do - or they have managed to recover them.

So I have some catching up to do with news - but as it is late now I am going to leave it all until tomorrow.  Just wanted to let you know the fault whatever it was has gone.

I was at Hulme Hall for a while this afternoon with the setup - there is some good stuff there.  May bump into some of you tomorrow.

All the other news tomorrow

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's 13 May & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday helen

have a lovely day

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Craftier day

That's better.

Good evening everyone - yes I got some card making done today.  Have to hold my hand up though - I am afraid there was no stamping done.

I put together & completed the 3 cards I need for this weekend.  In fact I need 4 - but I have done that one - a stamped one.  I can't show you the photos until after the weekend & everyone has received their cards.  But I had a very pleasant couple of hours.

I should get some play time tomorrow as well & I will mainly be sorting out & creating items for the meeting at the Parkfields Community Centre where they are having an opening evening & I am going to be promoting the stamp clubs. This is on Tuesday evening - so need to get it all ready now & not leave until the last moment.  Then of course on Friday it is set up day for the festival - & Saturday - it's festival day!!  I will be there for a couple of hours & have some ideas of things I need to search out.  I am also going to talk to a couple of the retailers if I get the chance about visits to the clubs - so watch this space.

CSNW members were asking about a coach trip somewhere - we haven't had one in ages.  One idea was to visit Topaz (Dawn Bibby) - but someone else said that the business is up for sale. I have checked various forums on the net & it appears she announced this in January but it doesn't look like it from her blog.  i will check some more.  Next was suggested a visit to Wendy & Martin at Card-io.  Then there is also Cardcraft Plus out near Preston - so we will see.

Well, ladies - that is me for today.  More tomorrow.
Take care & sleep well.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Just chatting

Hi everyone
Well I haven't been so creative today.  I had a workshop this morning at PBC - another crochet one. Later I had a little running around to do (not on my feet - but round & about the area) & strangely felt quite tired afterwards.

The little bit of crafting I did do - was to sit & cut out items for some of the cards I am preparing to make. So not a completely lost day, but I had hoped to complete some cards.  Hopefully tomorrow.

This morning I decided to email Create & Craft as a recent purchase I had made had not arrived.  They had estimated the delivery at 2 May.  Now they are usually pretty accurate on those dates but I felt it was getting a bit worrying. They always send a reply saying the email has been received & they will get back to you.  Then about 3:30 this afternoon - yep! - you guessed it - a van draws up outside & my parcel arrives.  Another email popped off to C&C straight away.

On my personal blog I reached my 75th posting yesterday - so another goal reached & finally that has started getting used more.

That's me for tonight.  Only just over 3 days to go to the festival!!!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

A day for challenges

Good evening ladies

A day for challenges?  Yes - crafty ones!  Today I have entered two challenges.  One is for the CD Challenge that I now enter regularly & the other one is a stamping one on a blog challenge I have not entered before.

I will show you the stamping one here & if you would like to see the CD one you will have to hop over to my personal blog to take a look.  You can do that by clicking HERE - unless of course you have it already on your Favourites.

The stamped card was done for a challenge over at "CRAFT Challenge" where rather than a theme this week it was a sketch.  Here is the photo of the card & I will tell you about it after;

As you can see I have used stamps from Card-io, in fact the watering can idea that Wendy demonstrated at each of the clubs when she visited. The background paper was left over from a card I made for another challenge recently.  The pink card was part of a pack that I purchased some time back - don't know why as I don't actually use much pink - but there you are it came in useful.  The ribbon & flat back gems came out of my stash.  Here is a close up of the watering can;

I left the watering can as it was stamped remembering to leave the top of it not inked (see I do take notice). When Wendy does this sample she goes back & shades the watering can with ProMarkers.  I don't have any greys so thought it best left plain.

I spent a really pleasant time doing these, & hope to do some more tomorrow.

That's me for now talk to you tomorrow.  Thank you for popping in.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

The weekend

Good evening ladies
I trust you have all had a good weekend & you are ready for the week ahead - or should I say - weekend ahead.

Not a bank holiday this time though- far from it - I suspect banks will be busy though with all your purchases at the stamp festival.

We started this weekend off - well from Saturday afternoon - when we met Gareth for lunch.  I say lunch it was 2:30pm at the Running Hare - yes! we were there again!.  It is a very nice eating place & we were able to take it quite leisurely which is nice.  I hate hurried meals.

I spent time today creating flower shapes for the basis of some paper flower making, & putting together the components of several cards that I need to make.  It is a reasonably busy month this month for birthdays, anniversaries.  My friends daughter is 40 this month (oh, she can't be that would make me .....uhmm! - yes it would).  I have a colleague who is 87 this week & of course Russ's birthday along with his & Nadine's first wedding anniversary.  Then later in the month two more friends have birthdays.  So I thought the best thing to do today was to have a think about how I was going to make each of these cards & get the bits & pieces prepared.  So card is ready - papers & stamps have been looked out too & put ready along with the ink pads.  Now! that is organised & also a bit worrying.  It is too organised.  So! we will see.

Then of course I also need to find time to make the couple of cards for the challenges I like to enter - although I think for a change I have found 2 challenges that can be combined, which is unusual for me.  Such fun.

Bob's back at his early starts tomorrow after a couple of weeks break.  Then on Saturday he will be security on one of the doors at the festival - I think he will be worn out by next weekend. 

So no photographs today - just chat.  I will see what tomorrow brings.
That's it from me for now - sleep well.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's 7 May & a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Kate

have a lovely day

Friday, 6 May 2011

Showing the Anniversary card

Good evening ladies
Catching up on photo's here is the Anniversary card I created for Bob;

The design was printed from a CD but it is also a design that Carolyn showed MoldII at their meeting in March.  I am able to show you this card because the full sentiment is on the back which I have not photographed.

Over on my personal blog I have put a slide show of all the cards I made in April.  You have seen most of them as i have shown them here as I post blogs.  But if you want to see them all click HERE.

Today I have done some more sorting out of my craft stuff - where on earth did I get all that stash from?  Why am I still buying?  Still most of what I no longer require will go to Clare of Mold club for her to sell to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, so I don;t feel quite so bad.   I am so embarrassed to admit that quite a bit of it, as I went through one of the drawer sets, were still in their original wrapping.  How sad is that!

Have a great weekend

Altered Pegs

Hi ladies - it's me again

I had to pop back in & make another post about the challenge you all had on the Altered Pegs. It was quite interesting to see how many pegs were decorated with butterflies.  The results were really fantastic & I think you would have put many that I have seen on the Internet - to shame.  Well done - I think you owe yourselves a round of applause.

I nipped off into the Internet to see if I could find an animation of clapping hands to applaud you - & picked up a problem - I had to drop out pretty quick to keep my PC safe.

But that is not the end of the altered pegs story.  At the Mold evening (April) one of the members - Rachel -needed to bring her 2 daughters with her.  Both of them sat very quietly crafting & at the end of the meeting the youngest (& sadly I forgot to make a note of her name) showed me the peg she had been altering.  It was a delightful dolly peg & not only that but it was a little gift for me.  Here it is;

It now sits on my craft desk watching me work.  Rachel - please give your daughter my apologies for not noting her name & for the blurry closeup. 

Altered pegs - part 3 - CSNW

Good afternoon ladies
The last couple of meetings at CSNW  we have had several ladies missing so the group has been quite small - as it was again this week.  But we still had a few entries for the altered pegs.  As there were only three I haven't created a slide show but will put the photos here individually.  Also there will be a couple of photos afterwards of Card-io's visit.  Here are the pegs;

I kept the light a little dark on the one above in order for the colour of the butterflies to show

The one above which as you can see has been also added to a "Things to do list" doesn't show very well.  The pegs were coloured gold & there was stamping on them.  I did take a closeup of one peg but it was too blurry - sorry to the person whose entry that was.

Here are the Card-io visit photos;

It was as I said on Wednesday's blog - a great evening & Wendy was happy to answer any queries & as you can see from the first photo let members have a "play" as well.n

That's it for this post - more later.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

altered pegs - part 2 - MoldII

Here I am again, this time with the photos of the altered pegs created by MoldII members - & here is the slide show;

Another great set.

There is one that might just mystify you a bit so I am putting a "stills" photo of it here;

Isn't it fantastic - all that greenery & the little birds are mounted over the two pegs - you can just see them poking through.  This was created by Elma - well done.  By the way Elma, was that all cut out by hand???????????

Altered Pegs - part 1 - Mold

Finally ladies I can show you the photos of the various altered pegs that you have created.

Because I am creating a slide show of the photos I will have to create a post for each club, as it is a bit confusing I have found if there is more than one slide show on the screen.

So here are the pegs altered by Mold club;

Don't they look great!

Right! I am off to create the slide show for Mold II now.

Members news

Hello ladies
Well! there will be several posts today in order for me to get various slide shows etc uploaded.

This is the first one to highlight a members news.  Elvena of CSNW club missed last months (March) meeting so was only able to let us know last night of her news.  Elvena enters the monthly draw on the DoCraft Creativity websiste & won the February draw.

So congratulations to Elvena.

Don't forget to let me know of your successes - or perhaps you have had a really good compliment on a particular card - take a photo of it with a description & let me put the news here.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

CSNW Meeting tonight

Good evening ladies
I have just got in from the CSNW May meeting - so I am sorry - it's apologies again - no photos tonight. I have a workshop tomorrow morning & I promise I will get all the photos up to date tomorrow afternoon.

Tonight at CSNW we had our postponed December visit from Wendy & Martin of Card-io, along with their daughter Amber.

Once again we had a great demo night & Wendy has some great new stamps plus you can now buy the stamps unmounted  - so you only need once set of the acrylic pegs.  Therefore if like me you already have a set (or two or more) then the stamps can be gently removed from the pegs for them to be used with any of the new stamps.  I noticed whilst Wendy was demonstrating that she had a stamp on each end of her pegs.  Very clever - although I would probably end up forgetting which end I was using & then I would have green flowers & pink leaves.  Novel - don't you think.  A touch of Andy Warhol perhaps.

Ok that's me for now - I must away to my bed.

Chat more tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

just chatting again

Good evening ladies
Well, after a few days of being quite crafty it was down to a domestic day today.

Bills to pay & some sorting out to be done.

But later I did get to continue with my search of things for the clubs to do in July, August & September.  Gosh - that sounds dreadful - it's makes it sound like almost all the year has gone & I haven't been on holiday yet.  Ooh holiday!  yes I am beginning to count the days now.  Talking about counting the days it is also impossible to realise that in 10 days time Russ & Nadine will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary.  When I think back on all the preparations it seems like last month - not a year ago.  But then a lot has happened in that 12 months hasn't it.

I don't have any photos to include today - but tomorrow I will show you the card I made for Bob for our anniversary which was a week ago.  Also it is time for me to make up my slide show for the cards I made during April - will try & do that tomorrow too - but I am out for a couple of hours with Sue so we will have to see what I can get done in the rest of the time.  It seems ages since Sue & I had a good old natter.

I think that will do for today ladies.  More tomorrow.
Sleep well.

Monday, 2 May 2011

just chatting

Good evening ladies

Well that's another bank holiday weekend finished - mind you it's only 4 weeks to another one.

Today I "tidied" my craft room a little more - well I made another card.  As it was for the CD Sunday challenge not a lot of stash was actually used as I had to print off the papers I was going to use.  This week they had included stamping which was good.

Once again I am working on my PC so cannot show you photo's - will put that to rights definitely tomorrow.  Oh no! I can show you as I also loaded it on to my PC because it has a bigger screen & I wanted to see how it looked.  Hold on I will get it........................

Yes, it is as big as it looks - I used a purchased large card which is slightly bigger than A4 - near enough an A3 folded in half.  The sentiment is the stamping on this one.  There is a close up of it on my personal blog.

I have also started work on the club programmes for July through to September as well, so if you have any ideas let me know.

For a break from all this & before work returns to normal I treated Bob to dinner out today.  We just popped along to the "Running Hare" which is not far away - by St Davids Hotel at Ewloe.  Mind you it looks like that might have changed ownership so not sure if it is still St Davids - I expect it is.

I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend & will have more for you tomorrow.

Night night

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Should have been a tidy day.........

Good evening ladies

.........but when I went to my craft room this afternoon to do this tidying I spotted some paper & card that would do for one of this weekends challenges.  Then I had a thought about stamps to use & so....................

.......... well it is a bit tidier because I have used some of the items that were just lying around!!!!!

If you would like to see the three cards I made - pop over to my blog - or - if you don't mind waiting, I will  put one of them on here tomorrow.

The reason I can't put one here now is because I am using my PC which doesn't have the pictures on it.  I do all my blogging & craft on my little netbook & I have just shut it down & put it to bed.  Sorry!

Talk tomorrow.  Sleep tight.
Ooh that reminds me have you been watching the programme called  "If walls could talk"?  It was bedrooms this week & that saying - sleep tight - came from the fact that the strings on the bed under the matresses had to be tightened to make sure of a good sleep.

Using leftovers .....

Hi everyone
I realised when loading the challenge cards I have made today into "My Picutres" just a moment ago, that I hadn't transferred another little card that I had made yesterday.

After making the card that didn't have a challenge home, I had paper, card & some embellishments left over - so I made another little card.  Although I am posting this today - the first day of May - it is actually an April card.  Even then I still have some card & paper left over - so I will have to think of something else to make.  Here is the little card;

I haven't put a messaage on the front - I thought I would use a peeloff one to suit whoever the card goes to.  It also has a feinter version of the background paper as an insert.

I am off now to my personal blog to upload & send in my blog challenges - but I will pop back in later.