Sunday, 30 October 2011

Well done Annette

Good evening everyone

Well! what a nice weekend it has been.  Keep this sort of weather up & winter will seem very short.

Have you got all your trick & treat goodies sorted for tomorrow night.

We have had quite a quiet day today - my copy of craft Stamper arrived in the post yesterday & I curled up & spent some time going through it.  I must say there are a lot of good ideas in it - I have been taken by one technique which I am going to try out for Christmas - so watch this space.

This evening we have had Gareth's company for dinner - he has just finished a long stint of working in Germany from Monday to Friday - I am sure he is looking forward to some local travelling for work for a while.

Now the title said "Well done Annette" - I am talking of Annette from Mold II.  I also had the latest copy of Papercraft Essentials delivered on Friday & lo & behold there is Annette with one of her cards. You are doing really well Annette & it is so good to see.  i photographed the card from the page of the magazine which is not the best method - but you can clearly see the card.  Here it is

Those Humphrey's Corner images are really cute aren't they?  Keep up the good work Annette - I really enjoying seeing your cards in the magazines.  Come on girls why not join in & see if you can get published too.

Hope you have all had a good weekend/  Take care.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

just chatting

Hi ladies
Just popping in for a quick chat.  I am afraid that after my day out yesterday I was quite tired in the evening - I think the driving does it.

Anyway I had a very pleasant day out with my neighbour we had been wondering whether to go out on Thursday or Friday & Friday won - which was as it turns out the better of the 2 days.  We drove over to Boundary Mill in Colne - I needed some new bits & pieces of clothing & there is such a cast choice there.

After some shopping in which I found the things I wanted & my neighbour had splurged out on a very pretty lacy top we had lunch & a rather long natter.  Then some more looking around the shop & I picked up a few bits & pieces towards Christmas.

The journey home was a bit stressful as we caught up quite a backlog of traffic - quite a crawl down the M6.  But all in all a very pleasant day.

Today has been a very domestic day - so no crafting done.  Hope to do some tomorrow.

Also tomorrow I will have some news about a Mold II member.

Hope you are having a good weekend.  More tomorrow

Night night.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Just chatting

Good evening ladies
I have today done some stamping.  I was asked by Card-io if I could do something with one of their new stamp sets - so today I sat down for a play.

I created two cards - but very straight forward ones yet different.  After finishing them I started to get some more adventurous ideas which I hope to put into practice over the weekend.

I am going to put the photo of the black & white version here & then if you want to see the one that is a bit different - pop over to my own blog.  Clicking HERE will take you there.

The green background is the cloth that I laid the card on to photograph. It's quite an interesting tree shape & I know lots more can be done with it.  I stamped it & embossed it with white EP onto black card - the little circles have been filled with glue & then fine glitter poured over them.  There is a full description of the stamp set on my blog - the little snowflake rounds that are in the background are actually tree baubles & in the set are the tiniest stamps that make the top & hanger of a bauble.  That's my next challenge to use those as baubles properly.

Tomorrow I am going to Boundary Mill at Colne.  I am taking a neighbour, so time for nattering, shopping & lunching.  I haven't been out with her for a while so lots to catch up with.

I hope you have had a good day.  More chat tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mold II photos - part 2

Hello again ladies.

Right! here are the photos from last nights project.  We made a little 3-way fold card - which has been made at CSNW as well.

I have photographed the cards looking down into them & then the front of the card

He's quite a fund little dog isn't he.  I don't know why the bottom photo looks grey when it is blue as can be seen by the top photo.

A nice change from Christmas - makes you look forward to next Summer & some picnics

A nice colourful picture & as she has a pumpkin at her feet must be suitable for next week.

Now the colour on these two photos is really odd & I cannot explain it away.  A really nice crisp clean card as can be seen from the top photo - then the bottom one comes out cream!!!  Also I cannot brighten it any more than I have.

This little card needed 3 photos taken as Liz who made it has managed to get some trees on the middle section that lifts up rather than open from the side - so I had to show that.

Isn't this a lovely image - I have a stamp of a lady very similar to that one but she faces the other way.  Dot who made this card had brought two toppers with her & one of them was just too big for this card, so she has to make one later for the inside.

Another lovely card with a colour problem - the blue in the bottom photo looks darker than in the top photo.  I shall have to research this colour problem.

Well, we've had a card with the promise of summer to come - I think this one promises us Spring, don't you?

There you are ladies.  I may be back again later depends if there is anything to talk about - if not I will talk to you tomorrow.  Have a lovely evening.  'Bye

Mold II photos - part 1

Good morning ladies ............... ooh no! just looked at the time.  Good afternoon ladies.

Well, here as promised the photos from last night's Mold II meeting.  They are of the show & Tell where the theme was black & white Christmas cards.

This lovely slim card has a tree & a house embossed & then some fine glitter added

This really nice card was made by the painter amongst us - Liz - & sometime next year
after many requests by the members she is going to show us all how to paint a card

I like the way the garland across the top & bottom of this one reflects the garland on the tree

This lantern is gorgeous & so effective in the white embossing.

I love the cheeky snowmen on this one - it was actually a box

This is a really good use of parchment & the embossing on it is very white - I don't know why the camera has made it look creamy.  I have lightened it a bit - but it was whiter than it appears.

Some more cheeky snowmen - again an embossed design with some stamped snowflakes

This is one of those nice clean & simple designs & the use of black & white pearls for the snow really works.

Our only circular card - really nice.  The black circle is attached by a brad.
The back has also been decorated - see the picture below

A great selection & quite interesting that most of them are black card as the base.

There really have been some brilliant cards in this theme, across the clubs.

Now to put the photos from the project on here.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mold II Meeting

Good evening ladies

I have just got in from the Mold II meeting & I do have some photos for you but I will have to leave putting them on the blog until tomorrow morning.

We were a smallish group tonight so we got through things a little quicker.  The project was the little 3-way folding card which actually once you have the sections cut out does not take very long to make up. Especially if you know how you are going to decorate it ahead of starting the project.

As we finished a little early we sat around discussing future meetings & the ladies came out with quite a few ideas which is very helpful.  What was interesting was that some techniques we were talking about some of the ladies had never tried - because they weren't members when it was tried before.  This just reminded me that every so often it is a good idea to go back over some things.

A very nice evening.

So more tomorrow about tonight.

Sleep well, night night

Birthday Greetings

It is 25 october & a Mold member has a birthday

Happy birthday Glenys

Have a wonderful day

Monday, 24 October 2011

The weekend & all that

Hello ladies -
Goodness it's been a couple of days since I last wrote - as I often say - where does the time go.

On Friday I spent a nice few hours with Caroline & Liz from HSNW.  We met at Inspirations in Bromborough (the artificial flower & decorations wholesalers).  I bought some ribbon & a pretty Christmas decoration that has a tealight beneath it which causes a little ornament to revolve in the heat.

Then in the evening we had a visit from Gareth who persuaded us to go out for a meal - so another pleasant couple of hours.

On Saturday after the shopping Bob & I went over to Warrington so that Bob could visit a Model Train Exhibition - which was very interesting.  On our country drive home we visited a public house near a canal that we will be visiting at the end of November for a lunch with a Naval Group.  It was a nice day on Saturday so it was very pleasant beside the canal.  So nice in fact - that we stopped there for lunch.

That brings us to Sunday which we spent reasonably quietly at home.

Today I have had a nice day out with our daughter-in-law.  Nadine likes Inspirations - so we took a visit there.  So my second visit in 4 days.  But there were some new things in stock & I picked up some nice ribbons.  We then drove on to The Burley Dam garden centre on the A41 where we stopped for a cup of tea & a natter.  I bought some Yankee Candle tealights.  On the way home we popped into B & Q because I was looking for things to make some "tools" for using alcohol inks.  I think I solved the problem - will let you know.

Tomorrow evening is the October meeting of Mold II & we are making my little 3-way card, & the Show & Tell is for Black & White Christmas cards.  So there will be photos - but probably not until Wednesday morning.

So! how was your weekend?  Hope it was a good one.
More tomorrow.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Mold meeting - part 2

Hello again - here I am back with the photos of the project from Thursday's meeting.

Joanna showed us how to make the telescopic card - I have built it into the programme for Mold II & CSNW - but first I had to learn how to do it myself.  I really enjoyed making this little card.  We actually managed to make two cards - well some of us completed two cards.  The first one we made was the square one which of course can also be orientated as a diamond.  these we cut out based on measurements given to us by Joanna.  Then she gave us the circles already cut out - (spoilt weren't we!) - to make a round one.  Two circles one scalloped in three different sizes.

Here are the photos - they have all been shows opened up - I will try & remember tomorrow to show you one actually folded up which is of course how the person receiving it will first see it.
Lovely colours to this one & I love that poinsettia stamp with the pattern around it

Santa & snow flakes very festive & the colours work so well

I love the bell on this one & I think quite a few of us went for mono colour

more Santa's - a very jolly one - & more snowflakes (but then we did decide to do Christmas!)

two cute little stockings awaiting Santa

Isn't that robin image lovely - I like the colour again

this has been done in a very delicate lilac & small images - looks stunning

Ah - stars this time & a little more colour.  All styles work so well.

Aah - little mice carol singers

Ah! this is mine - now I would love to say here that putting each part offset above the other was a design idea - but it wasn't.  But it did help highlight that it is necessary to be certain you have things central.  I did place the middle image centrally over the bottom image, but I didn't put the brad centrally.  This meant when the card is opened the square moves over to one side.  So I had great fun trying to do it deliberately for the top image.,

More bells & a lovely Welsh greeting

Little shepherds watching their flock at night

One of the round ones as a work in progress - love the modern stamp style

Another round one with the scalloped back circle highlighted as a surround to the inner circle

He's a rather jolly Santa isn't he - very clean design

so many different styles - that "scribble" bauble is unusual

a cute snowman & use of inks to colour the card that we were given

these three above were made by Joanna & brought along for us to see

as was this one where the telescopic card has been placed as decoration on a card rather than a stand alone card.
The picture below shows the same card with the telescopic card open.

a very clever idea.

One of the ladies commenting at the end of the evening said that she thought it would be a nice idea (especially with the round version) to put that on a card but attach it with a non-permanent adhesive & then after Christmas it could be removed & used as a tree decoration the following year. What a brilliant idea!

So there you are - take a good look & enjoy.
Have a good weekend whatever you are doing, & please take care.