Saturday, 31 December 2011

Club programme update

Good morning ladies

I have this morning uploaded you club programme for the start of 2012.  I have also added a new page that will hold the photos of the projects for you to get an idea of how they will look & help with your choice of materials.  Up to now when I have loaded a sample I have put the photo on each club page - now they will appear once only on the new page.  I hope this doesn't prove awkward for you - but it means i am not using extra space for the same photo.

There are changes to how the programmes were handed out to you before Christmas & this was due to the appearance of a card with a technique I wanted to show you straight away.  With CSNW & Mold II they decided at their last meeting to move the months down one to have this new card at their first 2012 meeting.  Mold had already had their November meeting - so I have popped it in for February & moved everything else down a month.  Now I must point out that for Mold this could change again as after updating the page I realised that I was moving Joanna's project without asking if it was convenient.  So I must check with her later today.

The next thing I have to do is put the samples photos on the new page. 

I also have some member news to write about - so I will be back again later.

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