Thursday, 15 December 2011

just chatting

Hi everyone
Just popping in to say hello & to say I will try to blog each day over the coming week but can't promise.  Most of it will be taken up with getting the house ready for Christmas & not a lot of time for crafting. So there won't be very much craft talk about - but you never know I might go somewhere or do something that might be of interest.

I might take some photos that I think you might find interesting.  Talking of which (see! - I never know when I am going to think of something to talk to you about) - coming back from Asda around 2:30 this afternoon there was quite a downpour but as it eased & the sun shone there was a truly beautiful rainbow.  But as I was in the car driving I couldn't photograph it.  By the time I got back home it was fading almost to nothing.  Shame.

This morning I met Sue down at the Garden Centre & we had lunch together & exchanged Christmas cards & presents.  One of the items she gave me was wrapped up in some very interesting paper that she had made - gave me an idea for a project next year.

Talking of next year - do keep popping in to the blog as I will be changing the club pages to show the programme for the first few months of 2012.

Also - during the next couple of weeks the look of the blog may change - providing the lady who is going to help me can manage it at this time of year. She said she thought she would have time.  If not it will probably change in the New Year.

So that's my chatting for today - I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

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