Tuesday, 13 December 2011

just chattting & a blackbird

Good evening ladies

My day started a bit slow - I had things I wanted to do, still some cards to make despite thinking I was near to finishing.  I just couldn't come up with an idea that would set me off.  I didn't  actually start until about 2pm - but then everything went well & the mojo flowed.

It was when I was later in the kitchen making a very much needed cup of tea that I spotted ....................

Mr Blackbird stopping off at the "Ty Gwyn Arms"

He had already been having a good peck at that apple before I decided I just had to go & get my camera & see what I might be able to capture.

just taking a rest before starting again

nearly, nearly got a shot of him pecking at the apple - but not quite

I think he has suddenly realised it is time to go home - perhaps he heard Mrs Blackbird calling - managed to get this shot just before he took off

We always leave apples on the tree at this time of year for the birds & I love watching them.  Shortly after the blackbird we had a blue-tit after the same apple - but to have got pictures of him I would have needed a good telephoto lens & a tripod.  I have a little tripod for my camera - but it was upstairs in its bag & by the time I'd have run upstairs & down & fixed it to the camera he would have been gone.  But it is very useful for shots I know I am going to be taking.

That's my day - hope you had a good one.

More tomorrow

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