Saturday, 31 December 2011

Members news

Hi everyone - I am back

Once again reading one of the latest paper craft magazines I find one of our members has been published.  Also, once again, it is Betty Langdon from Mold II.  In the magazine she is listed as Liz Langdon & as I said before I am sure it is the same person.  No-one has contradicted me so it must be.

Here is the card & it was featured in Papercraft Essentials (Issue 76);

Well done Betty / Liz - keep up the good work.

I have a couple of other magazines still to look at I wonder what else I might find.

To close the year of  my photographs of the world around us here are 2 photos I took on the morning of 27 December.   I hadn't really spotted any interesting sky images for a while & this was spectacular.  The 27th is also my Dad's birthday & he would have been 100 this year - perhaps he sent me the scene.  Who knows.

I just can't get enough of these sights, the only problem is that I am usually still in my dressing-gown & if the photo needs taking from the front of the house - I have to hope nobody walks or drives past.

Have a lovely evening however you are celebrating the start of the New Year - we are off to Gareth's with Russ & Nadine.  Then tomorrow they are back with Bob & I for a New Year family dinner.

Happy New Year everyone.

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