Thursday, 29 December 2011

We have reached 500!!

Good morning ladies - how are you all?

This post today gets us to another milestone - it is the 500th post on the blog.  That's a lot of chatting isn't it, & long may it continue.

I have popped in today for 2 reasons - one, to include a photo of a Christmas card I made that was missed from the post the other day;

& secondly to say that the programme pages will be updated tomorrow.  I have collected the info from all 3 clubs, but have to check all my notebooks to make sure I list them according to the changes that were made after I had printed out the lists for you.  At the moment the changes affect Mold II & CSNW, but I suspect will also affect Mold once they know about the project. Mold had already had their final 2011 meeting before I saw the project in a workshop that I attended a few days later.

Over the weekend I will work on the samples for those 3 months & take photos & add them to the club pages.

Later today Bob & I are taking our grand-daughter out to buy her Christmas present & then taking her for a meal which I think Gareth will be coming to as well.  She is a very clever artist & I think we will probably be taking her to Hobbycraft for new materials - but you never know - she may prefer something else.  Unlike a lot of children (oops she won't like being called that - she will be 16 in March) - it is very hard to get from her what she would like as presents.  Always has been.

Well! I suppose I must start getting back to the normal routine but it is very difficult as Bob is on holiday until the end of the first week in January - so I tend to shut off too.  My lovely Christmas presents are still on the floor beside my chair - so I think today I really should put them in their proper home.  Hope you had lots of wonderful presents too.

That's me for today.  More tomorrow.

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