Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mold II 2011 Project - Annette - Part 2

Good afternoon again ladies

Here is the second half of the A - Z cards made by Annette;

N - Noel
I love the way Annette has used those individual stamps to decorate the O in Noel
What a brilliant idea
Mmmm!  think I might store that away for future reference.

O - Oriental Lady
The use of the blossom stamp for the background as well really ties this altogether

P - Penguins

Q - Quilt
I hope yo9u can see the quilt on her bed - I must apologise for the fuzzy picture

R - Robin & Ribbon
This is Annette's favourite bird

S - Silver hearts, Silver Anniversary
Another elegant card

T - Tulip, Thanks
talking elegant - I just love these slim classic look cards

U - Umbrella, Under the Weather
after all that rain - he is going to need that soup

V - Valentine

W - Waistcoat, Watch (peeking out of the pocket)

X - (Happy) Xmas

Y - Yacht
aren't those anchors great

Z - sending home the ZZZZ's
He is really cute
Looks like he might have been at the same party that the M mouse was at, 
going by that left over cake

That completes Annette's cards.  I have one more set from Mold II to show you - & that is the ones from Liz.  So I am off to photograph them now.

More tomorrow - you never know I could be back later - but not sure.

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