Friday, 17 February 2012

Mold meeting photos

Here I am again ladies

I am still mystified about no photos for the show & tell last night - I really thought I took them - but I don't recall anything going wrong when I loaded them onto my laptop.  A real mystery.

Anyway, now for the photos of the project last night which was the puffed image.

What a lovely bear - not the best photo - but look at his tummy you can see it is puffy

Everybody loves this mouse - he pops up a lot - I have got him but haven't used him yet

Aah! Tatty Ted - the light coming in from the left really help to show up his roundness

This lily looks really good - almost looks like a bit of quilting

Kimono's work really well with this technique.  The technique is a bit awkward to photograph though
so this does not show as good as it was.

I don't know what this little character is called but the technique works well with him too

A different colourway for this pretty kimono

This was a tricky image to use as the petals are independent of each other but it works well
& the two leaves are puffed too

Another image that works well & the "mound" can be seen quite clearly

A great image for this technique & very effective - you can see the edge of the ridge along the back of the dolphin.  I think it's a dolphin

A really beautiful image absolutely ideal for the technique & shows so well with it's great background

I do hope you will all try this technique again - it is a little time consuming but worth the effort.  Of course it always takes a little longer when you are learning a technique & you in some cases choose a different image the next time.

I had a very pleasant day today - meeting Caroline at Inspirations (florist wholesaler) where I was able to pick up the tea light candles for one of your upcoming projects.  We then went to the garden centre behind Hulme Hall where we had lunch & a good natter about everything & nothing.  After Caroline parted I popped into Creative Pastimes to see if they had some inks suitable for stamping on fabric.  Which fortunately they did.  I also picked up some roll up storage for my Promarker pens.  Then I spotted a really interesting brush bucket which I bought to keep those shaving brushes in.  I had wondered what to keep them on & Lynne at the meeting last night had them in a tin - but didn't have an empty tins at home & these little buckets which were fabric were only £1-99.  I think they will look quite smart on my desk & I can carry them around with me easily to meetings & workshops.  Mind you to keep them on my desk I will have to redesign it - not the desk of course - but how & what I have on it.

So looks like over the weekend my desk is going to get another makeover.  The it will mean a change to some of the shelves - so I guess that makes it into a room makeover.

Whatever you are doing over the weekend have fun & stay safe.

Night night - more tomorrow.

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  1. One thing always leads to another! I have recently organised all my pens (stole a couple of CD racks from DH's office) and that led to re-organising that area and then my desk..... Mind you, I do like sorting stuff myself, if I'm not feeling creative I'll rearrange something and that usually sets something off in my 'mojo'. It's nice to see what the others did at club - there were some really cute designs used.


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