Monday, 20 February 2012

My digital scrapbooking

Hello again ladies
Over the weekend I decided to go back to doing some more digital scrapbook pages.  I am still designing & printing the pages from my 2010 project of "A Photo a Day".  Of course that project got knocked on the head when I was somewhat indisposed - so missed quite a few days.  Sadly I also didn't really get back to it.  But I have decided to do as many as I have taken & then just pick photos taken on certain days during the late 2010 days through to current time & see if I can at least fill 365 days.

Here is one of the pages I worked on at the weekend

As you can see it is for 25 February & that was during 2010.  The garden centre down at Daleside in Hawarden had been putting some really nice displays in their entrance.  I loved this one of a garden being set up complete with scarecrow.  So I asked if I could photograph - which they allowed.  Everything you see on the page is placed as individual elements - the background, frame ivy, date & heading.  The photo just drops into the frame no problem.  Then with various tools drop shadows can be added for that 3-d look.

I worked on quite a few including creating some pages for a scrapbook for Bob's grand-daughter.  I started a scrapbook for her after taking her to the Welsh Mountain Zoo when she was 5. Then like a lot of things I fell a bit behind - a bit behind!!!! - she is 16 next month.  But I am catching up.

I also managed to enter a blog challenge this weekend - so if you want to have a peek - click here.  It was for the CD Challenge that I enter from time to time.

Now I have to go & get ready for the February meeting for HSNW - I need to check what we are doing & get my things together, as I wasn't at the January meeting.

More tomorrow
Have a good evening

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