Wednesday, 15 February 2012

scrap booking

Good evening ladies

Scrap booking - that was the subject of today's workshop down at PBC & it went very well with a very enthusiastic group of ladies & a young girl (daughter of one of the ladies).  None of them had brought photos with them - so we used some fashion type toppers as the photographs & went from there. so it was more a demo page that they produced today - but it was refreshing to have questions being asked & ideas given to each other.  Someone would come across a sheet of paper & realise that it wet well with what one of the other ladies was doing.  That is what crafting is all about.  Anyway the outcome was that at the end of the workshops they all wanted to attend another in which they bring along their photos & materials.

I had looked out different types of albums or "books" that I had created to show that it didn't have to be a big album & there was quite a bit of interest shown in having a workshop on making an album.  I came away quite buzzing & enthused.  Also one lady had done some digital scrap booking & the other ladies said they would like to see how that worked - so at one session I will take along my laptop to give them a demo on digi scrapping.

The photo I have for you today is of the last remaining recycled Christmas Card from the workshop last week.  The original photo I took was all fuzzy - so I retook it this afternoon - I am afraid their is a light reflection in it but it still allows for the style to show.

I quite often take this approach when using a complete picture as a topper - especially if it is of a good size.  As you can see I cut the card into 4 pieces then layered them onto black card leaving a narrow gap all round & the same gap between the sections of the card.  I call it window frame look.  That was then mounted onto a red card & a peel off greeting placed on a piece of black card.  You will need to roll back down to yesterdays post to see the original card in the group photo.

Tomorrow I have a dentists appointment - only a check up - so that's not too bad.  Then it is my monthly lunch that I organise & in the evening the Mold club February meeting.  Quite a busy day - so not a lot of time for any crafting, especially if I am to make sure I have everything I need for the club meeting.

That is me for today - more today & there could be some photos from Mold evening if I am not too late.

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