Saturday, 16 June 2012

just chatting

Hello everyone.

So! another wet weekend - ah well we should be used to it by now.

Oh & it was wet in Liverpool yesterday. After picking up our grand-daughter Olivia, we drove to Hooton station & took the train to Liverpool.  As we had some time to spare (the show was at 5:30) we decided to pop along & take a look at Liverpool One.  After a wander amongst the shops we went up onto the terrace area to find somewhere for our meal before going to the theatre.

We found a little French style restaurant called Cafe Rouge where we had a very nice leisurely meal.  Then it was back into the shops & the train into Liverpool Lime Street.  Yes! we probably could have walked it - but it was raining, raining, raining.

Bob had booked our seats in the circle in the front row of the upper section.  When the lady on the door took our tickets she informed us we might be asked to move downstairs to the stalls as there weren't many seats taken.  But we decided we wanted to remain in the circle.  Just after we went into the circle a little man followed us repeating what the lady had said & saying we would probably be there on our own.  Bob said if we could have seats that were in a similar position in the stalls he would consider moving. Other than that we would prefer to stay where we were.  The seats that compared with ours were dearer & they wouldn't upgrade us - so we stayed where we were.  They were wrong - we weren't on our own - there were 2 other people there - sat in the lower half of the circle.

Bob & Olivia settling in to watch the show - not sure what Olivia is looking at - probably looking for something in her bag as you can only see the top of her head.

I enjoyed the show - it is a bit risque - but my age showed with the music - it was so loud.  Sometimes the musicians were so loud I couldn't make out the words of the songs. But a great laugh.

I found this picture on the Internet & it is the exact cast of the show we saw.  The little Chinese girl on the right was brilliant as she used the letter "L" for every letter "R" as the Chinese are portrayed as doing.  The large guy on the other end was her husband in the play - called Brian - which she pronounced every time as Blian.

Today I have tackled another box in the cupboard - which turned out to contain loads of glassware from where I used to be a Demonstrator from Pebeo glass & ceramic paints.  It was quite a good find as in the box there was about 12 little glass bowls which are going to be just right for me to use for the table flower displays for the wedding.  I had been wondering what I was going to use - problem now solved.

Tomorrow we are going to Gareth's for our Sunday dinner - he is cooking as his treat for Bob for father's day.  Of course I benefit from that treat too - as no cooking for me.  Russ & Nadine are going to be there too.  So another nice family day.

That is me done for today.

More tomorrow.  Have a great weekend.  'Byee

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