Wednesday, 13 June 2012

a non-workshop & some cards

Hi ladies

What an awful day !  But I mustn't complain as at least we haven't been flooded, unlike lots of people elsewhere in Wales & around the country.

Well, I had a workshop this afternoon - or rather I didn't, as only one lady turned up & she went home again.  I felt so sorry for her, to have come out in this weather for nothing.

I have a couple of cards to show you, & also another Twinchie & One layer sample.

The one layer sample does not show up so well here as the different "layers" of green are not clear..  The twinchie has some red pearls & the bow on it.  The L'amour stamp is from Lavinia Stamps.

Two cards same design, different colours.
They continue along the clean & simple style which is my favourite at the moment.

I am thinking of entering the lilac & yellow one in a blog challenge.

As I have more time to myself this afternoon than I had believed, after I have posted this & the challenge card I think I will tackle another box.  That will then mean I have one clear cupboard.  Wonder what I can put in there.

Hope you haven't suffered too badly in this wet weather.  More tomorrow.
'Bye for how

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  1. How frustrating for you (and your one student) to have to cancel workshops like that. Oh well, get on with your tidying instead :)


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