Tuesday, 2 April 2013

mold II meeting

Hi - I've not long been in following the delayed March meeting for Mold II.  Seven ladies made it to the meeting which is good seeing as it was put off for a week.  We all have things in our diaries which makes it difficult sometimes to change things.

We had a really good evening & I will have photos tomorrow from their Show & Tell cards & also the project - which was the tea-light gift card.

It looks like I have to go & bang on the counter of my car repair people again, as the locks played up again tonight - only my door unlocked when I went to get in to go to the meeting.  I had to unlock the boot separately.  When I came out from the meeting - all except the boot  successfully unlocked.  No rhyme or reason to it at all.

Tomorrow evening is the April meeting for CSNW club - another evening of the tea-light card.  All 3 clubs will have made it then.

So more tomorrow.  'Bye for now,


  1. Trading Standards! A threat to contact them might help - or ask for your money back and you'll go buy a car elsewhere. I'm sure you shouldn't be having this much trouble with a new'ish vehicle.

    1. Thanks Jo - but that isn't where I bought the car it's just the place doing the repairs.
      The fault evidently is a known one once the car reaches this age - but they can't cure it. !!!!!

    2. Oops - by "they" I mean the service people.


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