Sunday, 27 April 2014

Just chatting

Hello hello!
Sorry I didn't get back to post Carolyn's instructions for the pop-up box card on Friday - but by the time I got home from my day out with Nadine - it was time to "posh" myself up for our anniversary meal.

Mind you - it would appear I need new glasses.  I was sitting talking to Bob before getting ready & he asked me if my eyes were OK.  A bit puzzled I asked why he asked.  His reply "I just wondered".  So I decided I probably needed to open my eyes.  Hmm - definitely new glasses.  There on the hearth was a black flower box with a dozen red roses in.  Now! how I didn't see them I do not know - I certainly wasn't expecting them. Anyway - here they are - just thought I would gloat for a while  :) lol

We had a fantastic evening, excellent meal, a card & a rose from the hotel rounded it off.

Yesterday we went over to Gareth & Elayne as I was going to show Elayne's mum how to make a box envelope (Crafters Companion board).  We ended up going out to lunch with them all which was very nice indeed & then returned home for a fairly quiet evening.  Today has been fairly relaxed - although Bob's coffee maker seems to have given up the ghost & some new automatic room fresheners that we bought have leaked everywhere.  You know those battery operated ones that squirt out a perfume every so often.  Also Bob had some trouble getting the computer link to the rugby to work - although I think he has just managed to correct it.  So a funny day really.

I have a couple of pieces of member news & items to write up & also the other instructions from Carolyn. So I am off to see to that now.

Hope your weekend has been good.  Back a little later.  'Bye for now.

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