Thursday, 24 April 2014

mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone & what a lovely day it is too

I had quite an exhausting crochet workshop this morning, as I have a lovely elderly lady who attends but she is very forgetful.  Her husband is quite concerned about her.  (Hey - I have said elderly lady - I have know idea how old she is so I am being a little presumptuous,  She would appear to be older than me).  So showing her things is quite hard work as 5 minutes later she needs showing again.  I do not worry about that because I will, as you know, repeat things as often is needed - but by the end I am quite tired, especially as I have 5 other ladies to teach as well.  It is rather sad really as at one of the early workshops she attended she brought along with her her portfolio of things she had made when she was a working lady.  She made wedding gowns, lingerie & the most exquisite things which she sold to quite famous stores & all over the world.  She worked with delicate lace & silk - her items were to die for.  So perhaps she has worked her poor brain & memory to a standstill.

Anyway - down to stamping.  Here are the photos of the project from Mold II's meeting on Tuesday evening.  The project was the stretch card which was shown to us by Carolyn.  Some of the photos are of cards that are work in progress but several ladies did get to complete a card.

This is one of Carolyn's cards that she brought along with her t show the ladies.  The other card she brought was the one that appears on the projects photo page.  It is such a versatile card design & as this one shows is ideal for men's cards.  Bless them.

This is going to be a beautiful delicate card - I love the colour combination.

Here is one of the cards that got completed - isn't that teddy gorgeous - I think someone said he is called Wellington.

A couple of close up shots of Wellington's card.

I just love these papers - don't they go well together

This is the same card but I have laid it flat so that hopefully the dragonfly embellishments in the corners will show up.

Another work in progress - this looks like it's going to be party cakes.

This is the other completed card - very exotic.

Some close-up shots.  
The red butterflies are perfect against the black & cream background paper.

I did join in the making of this card & had to pinch some background papers as I forgot to put some in my bag.  You just can't get the staff these days can you?  :)  I didn't get very far with it due to taking photos etc - so will try over the weekend to finish it & show you later.

Well! I think that is it for today.  Must go into the garden & plant some geraniums then back into the craft room.  Tomorrow I am out for the day with Nadine, then in the evening Bob & I are out for our anniversary.  We are going for a meal at the Northop Hall Hotel, where we were married.

'Bye for now.

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