Friday, 25 April 2014

Tutorial for pop up card in a box

Good morning everyone.  Here is the first little tutorial for this lovely card.

It is from the quicky instructions that Rita gave us - but I have found a new toy on one of my photo software packages, so you have a visual & written set of instructions. As I have only just discovered this tool I was unable to work out how to delete text after I had saved it - so that needs work.  Anyway here goes;

These instructions are to make one of these delightful cards with any - yes - any size piece of card. For this set of photos I started with a piece that measured .............

By left edge I mean the folded part - don't unfold it or your measurements will be wrong.

In this sample I scored right across the card but really the 3 right hand sections is far enough as the left section will be the back & that doesn't get folded down.

For photo purposes I used DSST - I would recommend wet glue for actual project

See! I couldn't delete this lower text & you have "orf" instead of "of"

When these supports are placed inside the box the central panel should be straight across not slightly tilted as in my sample.  Note; If making a small box - like this one - you will probably only need one central support. Although 2 would fit in if I had trimmed those fold back flaps by about half.

Decorate the outside of the box & the fronts of the flaps.  Add embellishments to the support strips. If you use acetate for some of the embellishments will float in your card.  To the back section add one long strip of decorative paper & possibly some plain paper on top of that to write your message.  Then sit back & wait for the compliments.

I am off out with Nadine in about 10 minutes - so will write up Carolyn's version later today.

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