Tuesday, 30 September 2014

a new stamp ...

....... & having a quick play.

Good evening everyone.

Once all the domestic stuff was dealt with I thought I should have a play with a new stamp.  I think I mentioned it before - a fun Christmas stamp?  When I sat down to have a play I realised it was a lot bigger (the stamp that is) than I had first thought.  As it was a clear unmounted stamp, the question arose - do I have an acrylic block big enough to hold it?

Well, I did - just

as you can see - to fit it on the block I had to place it diagonally.  This could make it hard to handle - so next stage was to stamp it.

I often have difficulty stamping with large stamps - the usual sort of problems - the centre not stamping for example & not being able to hold it properly due to the old fingers not working so well now.  So, I just grabbed a piece of paper & some archival black ink & went for it.

Yes!  Perfect image.  Ooh - making cards with this one is going to be fun.  Don't you just love his holly bow tie?  There are some word stamps with it as well.

Tomorrow is the October meeting for the CSNW club - so on Thursday there will be photos to see. Can you believe it is October already?  Someone today told me it is 12 weeks to Christmas.  Excuse me - but how did that happen?  I thought I was going to be so good this year & well on the way to having cards etc organised.  No! - so far - only the 15 for Bob to send.

Now what countdown ticker shall I have this year!

That's me for tonight - more tomorrow.  Night night - sleep well.

An anniversary

Today is 30 September 2014

& it is the clubs

4th blogaversary

It is actually the fourth anniversary for this blog - I did, if you remember, start an earlier one which ran for a couple of years.  It got unwieldy & unfriendly so I changed the programme I used, & here we are.

I hope my leg doesn't go up & down like that whilst I'm typing!

I also hope you have enjoyed reading my mutterings but mainly looking at the photos of the things each of the clubs have done at their meetings.  So, if you are happy - I will continue. I am continuing -  after all what else would I do with my time.  Don't answer that Bob.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 29 September 2014

just chatting

Hi everyone - I hope you had a good weekend, wasn't yesterday a lovely day?  We spent most of it in the garden - me potting up the flowers & Bob watching the rugby on his tablet.  Seriously he helped a lot.

All club pages have now been updated to take us through to the end of the year. This means I have got to put my thinking cap on for ideas for 2015 - any suggestions, & offers of help, gratefully received as usual.

I cant remember if I have mentioned that I am revamping the back garden - well the raised bed in it. Although it is much easier to manage than the huge garden I had before it still got out of hand. Mainly whilst we were on holiday earlier in the year.  So I have had it stripped out except for 2 things - a rather pretty shrub & a twisted hazel.  I am going over to easy management - plants in pots.  So my task this weekend was to get them in pots after being lifted & ready to go on the bed when it is finished.

The tray of pansies are for the hanging baskets.

OK - my bedtime fast approaches - so that is it for today.  Night night - sleep well.

club page updates

Hi - just popping in quickly to say I have just done some updates on the club pages for Mold & Mold II.

I am now going to work on CSNW club page.

Will be back later.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Some cards made recently

Hi everyone - after a damp start it looks like the weather has brightened up somewhat this afternoon. So, I think when I have written this I had better go out in the garden & get my plants potted up. Although I do have a new Christmas stamp I want to try - it's a "fun" one.  Still there's also tomorrow.

Here are the 4 cards I made recently with a new set of stamps.  I blogged the basic stamped images last Tuesday.

After giving them some thought I have distressed them & coloured them with my water colour paints. The image I then layered onto Kraft card & after trying them out on different coloured base cards - chose black.

Really pleased with these & will definitely be using the images again with different techniques. I think my favourite image is the last one.

I hope you all have something great planned for this weekend.  Have a lovely time whatever you are doing.

'Bye for now.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Mold II photos - part 2

Good morning ladies

Well here, as promised, are the photos from the MoldII meeting on Tuesday & they are of the project for the evening.  MoldII were the last group to have a try at the "whitewash technique"

I think some ladies hid their project when I was taking photos as I am sure there should be a couple more designs than those I have.  We were a small group so it is possible I have miscounted;

These floral corners were very popular & they lend themselves so well to this technique

A border stamp this time - very pretty colours

Extremely delicate colouring on this one. If layered up onto other card colours it will quietly pop.
This is a different floral corner to the first one.  
In fact it is the same stamp that I demo this technique with.

and again - this corner was really popular, along with similar colouring.

A change to see the technique on a different colour. 
There is some colour to the flowers & leaves - possibly needs another light coat!

Those flowers are just perfect for this technique - a chance to get some shading in as well.
Perfectly placed to turn this into a very nice card.

This is absolutely beautiful
I saw the design in its early stage - with just the whitewash on & that looked great too.
Because the card is a light grey it made it look like the image had been bleached.

I do hope you all have liked this technique enough to try it again.

That's me for today - I have just made a card for my brothers birthday & must get it in the post. Also I want to get back to the four cards I have been working on for a couple of days.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mold II photos - part 1

Well! Good evening.

Where on earth did yesterday go?  I was busy in the morning trying to sort some Internet stuff out - got very frustrated - which actually carried over to today.

Then early afternoon we had a visit from our future daughter-in-law Elayne - but that Elayne only stayed for about an hour or so.  So I cannot answer my own question.

So here I am - a little late - with the first set of photos from Mold II's meeting on Tuesday - they are of the Show & Tell which this month was an ATC with a Zentangle design.

A simple design using peel-offs as the base of the design.

A clean & clear black & white design.

Someone has done this before - look at that great shading in the background, makes it really pop.

I love the idea of the design off to one side of the ATC.

More of a pictorial zentangle - very interesting.

Some colour this time & I just love that the pips have been put in. Great idea.

Butterfly shapes like this with some lines already in the design are just perfect for zentangle.
Lovely design

These two ATC's have been created by our artist lady - Liz - all done free hand.

As you can see these 2 are also by Liz.
The first of these Liz applied the colour to the background before designing the 
zentangles around it.  Some good shading in that one too.
I like the name funtangle for the second one.  Very apt.

There we are ladies - so sorry I didn't do them yesterday.  As it is late in the evening now I will post the project photos in the morning.
'Bye for now - sleep well.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Just chatting

Hi everyone.

Well, I had a really successful workshop this morning - I showed a group of ladies how to use inks with their embossing folders.  Using the ink on the embossed card & also using the ink direct to the folder.  They really enjoyed it & went away with piles of decorative card to play with.

This evening is the September meeting of Mold II club so tomorrow there will be photos to show you of their work.

I mentioned yesterday about some stamps I had been playing with - I just got as far as stamping them onto white card with black archival ink - here they are;

Aren't they lovely?

They are perfect for the vintage style that I have taken to.  This afternoon I have been colouring the designs with my watercolour paints.  I particularly like the carte postal one with daises. I have left them on my desk to dry & will show you that stage tomorrow (or perhaps not seeing as there will be Mold II cards to show) or the next day.

Right - need to pop & see if I have my box ready for tonight.  'Bye for now.

Monday, 22 September 2014

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have a member showcase for you & this time it is Joanna from Mold club.  At the club meeting last week Joanna didn't quite finish her wallet & mini card, so she did that at home & has sent me photos.  Here they are;

 expect you remember this from the photos I posted yesterday afternoon - the lovely mackintosh design. 

Joanna is sending this to her mother-in-law for her birthday, & is enclosing photos of her grand-daughter (well great-grand-daughter for the mother in law).  
The design is also apt as their surname is Mackintosh.

Here is the mini card suitably decorated

 the tag inside with its sentiment

& even the back of the mini card has been decorated.

They make a really good set - lovely idea.

I may be back later or it may be tomorrow next time I post.

I have been preparing things for a workshop tomorrow morning, & also stamping out my new stamps - they are really nice.  Will show them when I have made them into cards.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone - what a lovely day again, although it is just starting to cloud over.  I hope you weekend is going well.  We had a very pleasant afternoon/evening yesterday when Gareth & Elayne popped round, along with their puppy - Beau.

Now, the photos are of the project from the Mold meeting last Thursday - where the project was a little wallet card.

A pretty pink wallet  nice to see the use of ink to colour the lower front section.
My goodness that daisy stamp has been around a long time - it is one from the Anita's range,

What a pretty spring feel design & I just love those frogs dancing along the bottom

As well as the wallet card I also took along another little design for a mini card.
You can see this one has been made to match the above wallet card.

Very crisp, clean design & good design idea to cut out one of the flowers to act as the tag that keeps the flap closed.

Very delicate design & another use of a cutout to keep the flap closed.

Oh - he is just so cute & this time a corner punch (with the sides removed) has been used to create the flap holder.

Very pretty - good use of Card-io stamps & I love the circle design on the flap.  Again great use of the butterfly to hold the flap.

Beautiful colouring & stamped image.  As a flap holder had not been made we had to use a can of spray to hold it down for me to photograph.

Here's the mini card - not quite finished - to match the wallet

This is the tag.

My favourite colour & I love the Mackintosh roses.  Clever use of one of the stamps to create the flap holder.

This little wallet is great for holding birthday money or tokens & will come in very useful this Christmas I think.

That's me for today - more tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

birthday greetings

Today is 20 September & a Mold member has a birthday

Happy birthday Lynn

Have a lovely day

Friday, 19 September 2014

member showcase

Hi - I am back

I have a member showcase for you now - & the member is Rachel from Mold club;

When I cropped the photo I kept the description from the magazine at the top so that we knew which magazine & whether there was a theme or not.

Unfortunately they have spelt Rachel's surname wrong - it is Body not Brody.

Well done Rachel - good to see more members getting their work recognised.