Thursday, 6 November 2014

csnw photos - part 1

Good evening everyone - well, tonight I have for you the photos from last nights CSNW meeting & the ones of their Show & Tell.

As I said yesterday it was only a small group - 6 ladies - & for the show & tell there were only 2 entries.  At first I thought I would put all the photos from the evening together - but then changed my mind.  The Show & Tell and the Project are always shown in different posts.

The Show & Tell theme was for a card with different fold(s);

This card was made by Claire & has the lovely little folded decorations on the front - but then - it opens & ......

more different folds inside.  When I first took a photo of the inside I had it upside down. It was only as I laid it back on the desk I noticed the Happy birthday - so turned it round & took another photo.

This unusual shape card was made by Joan & is quite intriguing.
It has a double base which folds flat with toppers coming out of the front & the top - as you can see here.  Then .......

there is also another topper coming out of the back.
Very clever.

So a short & sweet post for this.  More tomorrow when I show the project photos.

Sleep well - night night.

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