Tuesday, 18 November 2014

just chatting

Hi everyone - sorry I didn't post anything yesterday - but I had a fairly busy day & then in the evening it was the final 2014 meeting of the Happy Stampers Club (HSNW) meetings.

As we meet right at the top of the Wirral - it is a late night for me by the time I get home. So I am afraid I was a little too tired to write anything.  But that meeting is a reminder that we are fast running down to our last meetings for 2014 here in North Wales.

Today I had a crochet workshop at Daleside & that was also the last 2014 get together for that group. I have 2 groups there & the other one meets next week.  Then that is the last of my workshops at Daleside for this year.

Also today I have been tying up lose ends on some ideas for your clubs during 2015 & have, I think, "closed the deal" on one of my ideas.  Then as Thursday is the last 2014 meeting of the Mold club I have had to make sure that I have all the paperwork ready for that meeting & a sample card for the first meeting of 2015.  Phew!

I also managed to fit in making a dozen Christmas cards today - so not a bad day all round.  Will have photos for you later.

Hope you have had a good day
Off to bed shortly - night night - sleep well.

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