Friday, 14 November 2014

member showcase

Good evening everyone

Tonight I have a member showcase from Joanna of Mold club.  I showed one of her card in a box cards the other day - well she really has got the bug - because here is another one;

Here is how Joanna described what she had made;

"Seems I can't stop making these! My eldest sister asked me to make a card for her friend Gay who is going to be 70 soon. She likes tapestry, making preserves, red setters, borzois, has 2 daughters and 3 sisters! There were a few other ideas she gave me but I ran out of room.

I made this card shorter and wider than normal - took a lot of scrap-paper trials to get it right - and it's made with an A4 plus a bit extra glued on to one side."

Joanna also had to make a special envelope to fit the card which you can see in the second photo.  I love it Joanna - just shows that with some adaptation you can get quite a lot into a card.  I am sure your friend was thrilled with it.

That's me for today.  I have made some cards today - for Christmas - & stamped, but can't show you yet as they are part of club cards & lucky dips.  But I am now definitely on my way to stamped cards.

Sleep well, more tomorrow.  night night.

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