Saturday, 22 November 2014

mold photos - part 2

Good morning ladies - oh & I had better say gentlemen too, as I know a couple of them pop in & take a look at what we are doing & what I am writing about.

Today I have the second set of photos from the Mold meeting on Thursday evening where Joanna showed us how to make a Christmas bauble from old greetings cards.  These of course can be made from stamped cards.  By which I mean stamp some card to make them - not cut up stamped cards you have received.  That would be such a shame.

Joanna very kindly cut out the circles for us that were needed - 20 each person.  Fortunately she has a die to do that for her 4 at a time.  The circles are folded in such a way that a small triangle appears in the centre with 3 flaps surrounding it.  These flaps are used to glue it all together.  Here are the photos & once again there are a couple of blurry ones - not my fault this time - some of them wouldn't sop spinning;

Made by Clare

Made by Yvonne

Made by Joan (Brown)
That one is definitely spinning

This one made by Janet

This one made by Lynn

Made by Maureen
Still with its paper clips in to hold it together.

This one made by Fiona
Fiona has a facebook page & when I went to check my emails after getting home
she had put  photo of her bauble up for everyone to see.

This one made by Rachel

This one by Joan (Brown)

This one made by Mair

This one made by Rhiannon

& last but not least
this one made by Sheelagh.

Well, actually it isn't last as I also took a group photo of some of the samples that Joanna had brought along with her to show us.

The left one was made from old greetings cards, the little one is a really small version & the one on the right is made from silver card which has been sprayed with inks.

I enjoyed having a go at making one of these but found my fingers were not as flexible as they could have been - so it took me a while.  I certainly don't think I could manage one of those small ones. The circles we used were were about 2".  The one I made is still in my box & held together with paper clips.  I will look it out later & see what it looks like, fingers crossed it hasn't got squashed,

That's it for today - more tomorrow.

I now have to get ready to go out as we are meeting up with a friend for a long leisurely chatty lunch - well more like late afternoon / early evening lunch, seeing as it is afternoon already.

'Bye for now.

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