Thursday, 11 December 2014

Are you a .........

............ dreamer, romantic; do you like .................

Do you like films that are .............

You may have noticed I ran out of the words to describe what I was asking.

Just to explain why I am asking at this particular time - a) its Christmas; b) Bob has been away & when he is away I sometimes watch channels we don't watch together.  When he is away I always keep busy in my craft room & only watch a bit of TV before going to bed.  Don't like soaps & other things - but I am a succour for some style of films.  Anyway at the beginning of the week whilst surfing the channels I found a film channel full of Christmas films.  Not the big ones we all know about - but others - probably TV films.  As Bob records quite a few programmes whilst he is away I am sometimes stuck on some rare moments I want to watch TV, not being able to watch a live programme.  So when I found this channel & watched one film - I recorded a couple.

Whoo! this is long winded I know.

But tonight I have just finished watching one of those recorded films.  If you have the love of Christmas in your veins - watch it - if you can find it somewhere.

It is called "Santa & Pete".

I do not want to give anything away but when it starts you wonder what it has to do with Santa as we know

The film is brilliant.

I loved it.

But.............................. then of course I am still a kid at heart.

Search for it - trust me - but try & watch it over the Christmas period.  Or if you find it too late.  Save it & watch it next December.

Right I am back in to watch another one.  Night night.

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