Thursday, 28 May 2015

mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies & today I have the photos from the project at Mold II's meeting, where we indulged in a little bit of playtime with alcohol inks.

This morning I should have had a rubber stamping workshop (as I mentioned yesterday) & the subject was using alcohol inks - so I was definitely looking forward to having some more exposure to them - but the workshop was aborted as not enough of those booked on it turned up.  Ah well, such is life.

The Mold II project was using alcohol inks, embossing folders & aluminium tape together & we used the technique to decorate some tags.

Here are their photos & for a change some from me!

This tag is the one I created during my demonstration.
When the ladies went off to play I decided I would do some more playing myself. So whilst I still had quite a damp felt pad I coloured a domino that I had in my box.

This is the tag & domino I decorated next.    Hmmm - I want to play some more.    Now - how can I use them & use them together :)

These two tags were created by Annette - seems to be a colour theme going on here.

These two were created by Betty.  That hessian embossing folder was free with the Crafters Companion magazine - it's a great pattern.

Three tags this time & they are the work of Carolyn.  I love the colours on that central one - I think Carolyn used my Butterscotch ink with others on that one.

This one is the only tag that actually ended up on a card & was made by Elma. That embossing folder works well with this technique.

These two tags were created by Helen & she also used the technique of dropping the blending solution onto the finished pattern. It's a little clearer on the right hand one as you can see where it has moved the ink away from the centre of the flowers.

This design was created by Lin & she used a different embossing folder - a non background one.
I was worried when I first looked at the photo that it had come out blurry - but I think it's mainly the fact that the lights above are reflected onto it.  Look very careful at the bottom half of the tag & you can see the owl corner that was used.

Towards the end of the meeting Lin (who made the tag above) suggested that this technique should work using alcohol pens (Promarkers etc) as it is the same ink.  I couldn't see why not, so yesterday afternoon I tried it out - 

Some of the colours didn't mark very well - it was better with the darker colours as they have more pigment.  The pens are obviously not as wet as the ink in the bottles so applying the ink to the aluminium tape wasn't quite so easy.  But I persevered & just kept adding different colours not worrying about the colour scheme.  After that I put a little Isopropyl on a kitchen tissue & dabbed across the pattern.  Isopropyl is more or less the same as the blending solution.  It has given it a washed out appearance but still quite effective.  I think using the pens rather than the ink you need to lay lots of colour down & work quickly.  But it is not to be written off.

As I was about to sign off I wondered whether the Promarkers etc would lay ink on the felt pad without drying out too quick, then add some blending solution to the felt pad & dab it on the tape as before.  If it works then the pens have another use & the only purchase to make is the blending solution.  I will try it & let you know.

'Bye for now.

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