Sunday, 6 September 2015

csnw photos - part 3

Good morning everyone.
I am popping in this morning with the photos of the project at CSNW's meeting last Wednesday, where the technique was - Northern Lights.  This was quite a challenge for me too, as I had only really been doing it myself since Joanna showed Mold club the technique.

Most of the ladies enjoyed the challenge & here are their photos;

Ann F has framed her sky really well with the trees & I think the direction the colours have been laid is very effective & does have a feel of movement.

I think Clare has really managed to capture that hazy mix of the colours. The effect was much better in reality than here in the photo & again you really get the feel of movement.

Elvena went for the wild vibrant look - in the lower photo she has used photo card & it does alter the strength of the colours.  The moon is an interesting feature in the top one - although, Elvena, I am not sure it actually gets seen, but what do I know I have yet to see them live.
One for my wish bucket I think.

Grace has created a very wintry version. The sky looks really good, would have been nice to see more of it I think.  That's not a criticism Grace - just my thoughts.

Gwen's sky has movement in it too. I think I prefer the slightly slanting colours as opposed to those vertically - I think that is what gives the movement feel.

Joan really got carried away & produced 3 samples & out of the 3 I think the bottom one works the best.  But then that is my eye on it, because once again ............ slanting lines!!

Joyce tried the "blob" approach to get her sky & I think she was the only one to try that method. It does give a totally different effect.

Kate produced 2 samples & as she described her work "it's more like sunset than northern Lights" - this was really down to only having these colours with her.

Ruth gave us a very dramatic blue sky - & the photo doesn't show the other colours up too well, but they are there, the greens, yellows & reds.

Verena found that this was not her cup of tea. I am sure she won't mind me telling you this. But despite that she gave it a very good go.

To me having a go & giving something a fair chance is just as important, because unless we try things we will never know if it is for us will we! 

I also appreciate that when I bring you things to try not everyone will like everything.

So, once again - great work ladies.
That's me for today. 'Bye for now.

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  1. I really enjoy seeing the different styles and samples produced - as I did with the other Mold club - having never seen them myself in 'real life' I have no idea if any are more life-like than others but they're all interesting and, if mounted-up and made into cards, I know they'll be stunning.


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