Tuesday, 8 September 2015

just chatting

Good morning ladies & it looks like being another nice sunny day.

No crafting done yesterday as Bob & I went out for the day.  He decided that having spent a few weeks indoors it was time for fresh air, so we went for a nice long drive along the coast roads into Llandudno & had a wander around the shops.  Our daughter-in-law to be ... Elayne ... works in Llandudno & we did pop into the store but couldn't see her.  They were rather busy in there so didn't like to bother the staff. We did pop back again just before leaving - but still no sign of her, so we are keeping our fingers crossed she was a day off.  We then took a lovely country drive back home.

After a couple of hours back home Bob surprised me by asking if I fancied a walk.  I have tried this several times & got a negative response, so I wasn't going to say no.  It was to be a short slow walk down the road & back again.  We were out for an hour, doing quiet a large circular tour of the roads near us.  Back home it was a case of wondering how we would feel in the morning.  But I can happily report - we are fine & refreshed. I think there is another walk coming up this evening too.

Ladies of the CSNW club to go back to the post where I showed your Northern Lights photos as a rally nice comment has been left from Joanna (the Mold club member who started this off).

This afternoon I have a crochet workshop at Daleside, so must make sure I have everything I need. Perhaps tomorrow I will get some card making done!

'Bye for now.

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