Thursday, 21 January 2016

quick chat

Good evening everyone.

Well, tonight saw the start of the 2016 club meetings with Mold club, & what an interesting start it was. As I arrived at the centre there did not appear to be any lights on & about 5 or 6 of the ladies were standing around outside.  Calls were put in to the 2 contact numbers on the door - but they both went to answerphone.

Eventually Clare had the idea of texting one of the numbers in the hope that the person whose number it was would look at a text even if they had ignored a call.  This worked eventually & we had a call back - as far as they were concerned there was nothing on the books for tonight.  But he very kindly came round & opened up or us & helped us put out the tables & chairs.  He also came back at the end to put everything away & lock up after us.

So tomorrow morning the centre will be getting a call - it is not the first time this has happened & tonight was so bitterly cold - it certainly wasn't fun.

But a good evening was had & I will be writing about it tomorrow - with photos.

That's me for tonight. Sleep well & keep warm.

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