Thursday, 31 March 2016

Birthday Greetings

Today is 31 March & a Mold II club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Elma

Have a lovely day Elma

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

just chatting

Hello ladies

Just popping in for a quick chat.

This morning I photographed the five 2015 projects from Mold II that I brought home last week,& then this afternoon I sat & made a couple of cards.

I haven't had time to photograph the cards this evening, but will do that tomorrow & show you then.

With regard to the tags project I don't know whether to show them here one set at a time now - or leave it until I have photographed everybodys. I will give it some more thought.

So - til tomorrow - sleep well. 'Bye for now - night night.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

embossing folders

Good morning ladies I do hope you all had a good weekend.

Now, embossing folders!  Do you ever have that thing where you suddenly think of something completely out of the blue?  When the thing you have just thought has nothing to do with anything else you were doing or thinking about?

Well last night - something crossed my mind out of the blue.  At the Mold II meeting last Tuesday our newest member Sylvia very kindly gave us, for a raffle prize, an embossing folder that had been a free gift on the front of a magazine she had bought.  She gave it because she doesn't have a Embossing / Die-cutting machine.  We were delighted with the offer - but the thought that came to me last night was - Sylvia could have kept it & used it because .............

it is possible to get a decent impression by using a rolling pin.

So, if you don't have a machine & end up with an embossing folder - try it before giving it away, & what is more let me know how you get on. It has been a while since I actually tried it but I seem to remember the results were fine.  

Actually I think I will test it out in the week & show the results here.

Have a great day.  Bob & I are off to meet up with a friend of his for a meal & a natter.

More tomorrow - 'bye for now.

Monday, 28 March 2016

A showcase ..............

............. a slightly different one to normal, as the photos are not of cards made by any club members.

They are photos of cards made by the 3 ladies who attend a rubber stamping class I run at the garden centre. I used them in one of their sessions as guinea pigs for the Brusho paints technique.  At their last session they brought in some cards they had made using the samples from the workshop.

So I hope you will indulge me here & not mind me putting three photos on your blog;

Doesn't the red look stunning against the gingham background.

Here the panel is a great background to the dress image

This one - a beautiful blue design - with Lavinia's stamps.

That's me for today.

Back tomorrow.

Just had to use this - fun item

Good morning

When I was looking for an image to put in the post about the clocks going forward I found this one as well & thought it would be very appropriate for today.

His face says it all bless him - very well chosen I thought.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

summer time begins

Don't forget the clocks go forward an hour Sunday Morning  
Set them tonight so you don't forget.

two cards for a demo

Good morning everyone - I hope your Easter break is going well.

As you all know I have for a very long time been involved with the Rubber stamping club - HSNW. The one that arranged the stamp festivals at Port Sunlight.  When they were organising their programme for this years meetings I was asked if I would do something one evening.

So! I have decided to do one-layer cards using Distress Inks.  We, in our clubs, had a dabble in the idea before Christmas last year with Joanna (well, the ladies of Mold & Mold II did - CSNW had me to show them).

So here are the 2 cards, so far, that I have prepared;

This one follows the idea we had over Christmas.
I haven't put a greeting on it as I don't yet know what I will use it for.

I decided to go a little more overboard for this one - giving the torn paper look. After I had created the large "piece" & stamped the sentiment it looked a bit bare & stark in the top right corner. 
So I created another "piece" of torn paper.

I have some other ideas to try & I have until May to get them sorted.  Hope you like them.
'Bye for now.

Birthday Greetings

Today is 26 March & a Mold II club member has a birthday
Happy birthday Rita

Hope its a good one Rita

Friday, 25 March 2016

Member showcase

Another member showcase for you today & this time it is Rita of Mold II club who has a card featured in a recent magazine;

Is here a stamp for the front view of the dog too, Rita? He is really cute & I quite agree with the sentiment.

Well done for having a card selected again.

Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

A quick post ................

... to let you know I have just updated the club programmes on the blog & also the Project Photos page.


Mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies

Today I have the photos of Mold II's project from Tuesday nights meeting, where they made the Decorative Corner Fold Flat card;

Sylvia's card has a dainty flower stamped background paper & a really rather cute fairy on the topper.

Betty still has to add colour to the hibiscus on her topper - it should look stunning when finished - they are such beautiful flowers.
Apologies Betty your card is upside down - oops!

Annette chose some very delicate flowers for her topper & the colour blends really nicely with the background paper.

I really like Helen's background paper & the blue butterfly on the topper suits it really well.

Christine's card is a very clean & simple design in a delicate shade of blue.  
I think I have that one up the right way!

Liz has used some very dramatic motifs to decorate her card - very effective

Elma used her Tattered Lace lady die (that she had used on her Show & Tell) this time coloured in.

Carol also went for a clean & simple design - the flowers look really fresh on the topper.

Elizabeth has chosen shades of pink / lilac & has used a Dreamees flower on her topper.

Rita managed to produce 2 cards - love the Easter bunny & the character on the friends one is so cute.
Nice bright colour schemes.

It was another design that proved to be popular.

That's me for today ladies.  I will be popping in over the weekend as I do have quite a bit to show you.

Have a lovely Easter break.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

mold II photos - part 1

Good evening everyone - sorry I am a little late - but earlier in the evening I got caught up in a little bit of family history research.  One of my aunts married a gentleman from the Ukraine, & completely out of the blue I hit the jackpot in finding out something of his early life.  Once that happens it is hard to stop - so I will be going back again soon.

Anyway - enough about me - the photos from last nights Mold II meeting & their Show & Tell cards. The theme was shades of purple;

Elizabeth pulled out all her purple papers & used some of her stash for this lovely card.
Once again Elizabeth had also decorated the back & the inside with sheets of the paper.

Annette made 2 attempts for her card & had almost given up when she found this paint strip ina drawer.  A lovely feather stamped onto it & voila a unique card.
I have sometimes thought about using those paint trips but was put off by the name of the shades being printed on them - but Annette managed to erase them.  So I may give them another chance.

Two cards from Elma - that butterfly on the top one is gorgeous & I don't think I have seen a butterfly die that big before.  The second card has that beautiful Tattered Lace lady die on it..

This stunning peacock card was made by Sylvia who is our newest club member - isn't it gorgeous.

Liz is our resident artist & as she is currently in her "adult colouring " mode so she used one of her pages for the card - stunning.

Carols card is just clean, simple & beautiful.  She also used one of my favourite stamp company's  flowers - Dreamees.

Sue has made a lovely small stepper card.  It's not the mini size that Tattered lace have produced a die for it is a bit larger than that.  Lovely card.

Betty also made 2 cards & I love the stamped ribbon on the top one.  In the photo the ribbon looks a little grey but it was a light shade of purple.

When the cards were put on the table for me to photograph they looked so stunning all together - being n the one colour -  I just had to take a photo of the group of them.

Well done ladies lovely cards.

Tomorrow I will have photos of the evening's project for you.
'Bye for now.

mold II tag project - UPDATE

Good evening ladies - especially those who attend Mold II club.

At last night's meeting because some ladies were absent - it was decided not to carry out the tag swap. At the end of the evening I brought home with me about 6 sets of tags that were completed in order to photograph them at a leisurely pace.  They will be returned to their owners at the next meeting in April  I will not be there so I am giving them to Helen to take in.

I am hoping that someone will photograph the tags brought in to the April meeting before doing the swap, & so I will be giving Helen those little name cards that I use to identify who the project belongs to.


As I will not be there please save one for me from each set & I will bring mine in for you at the May meeting.

Whoo!  I hope that all makes sense & is clear enough.

Have a great eveig with Rita & I hope all this does not encroach too much on what she is showing you.

Right! I will be back again later this evening with the first set of photos from the meeting.
'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

member showcase

Hi - I am back with another member showcase for you.

This time it is from Janet of Mold club who decided to do things with her Brusho pieces she had created at the February meeting;

Here they are.................

Isn't it nice to see the pieces mounted onto complimentary card

These two have very interesting designs on & I love that sentiment on the right hand one.

Two more with images added.
Now! did you notice the great little design feature Janet has added?
No! Well take another look - it appears in the photo above this one as well.

I really like the effect with this Indigo Blu image.  Lovely.

The design feature?  Well Janet added a group of fine light lines around the image & I am showing one of them again here & I have enlarged it a little to make it easier it see.  It was something that Janet had seen done & she thought she would try it.  I think it looks great Janet & I am definitely going to try it.

Thank you for showing us.

That's me for today.  More tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have a member showcase for you & this time it is for Joan of Mold club, who had a letter & card featured in a magazine around November last year - but she had mislaid the magazine in order to show me.  That was rectified last Thursday & here it is for you to see;

Well done Joan - that butterfly is very pretty  & the design fills a card beautifully. I am glad you found the magazine & we can finally show it to the other ladies.

I will be back later with another member showcase - but have to go & put my box ready for the Mold II club meeting this evening.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone

Well,  normal service has been resumed - but with a different look.  I went for a more simple look this time as I didn't want a repeat of that problem. Blogger doesn't delete things quite the same as the lady fro whom I got the previous background.

So - back to showing you photos of your work, & mine as well, & the first catch up is with the photos from Mold's Show & Tell at their meeting on Thursday.  The theme was a card in shades of purple. They were definitely created in shades of purple - the photography seems to put a blue tint in it.  I tried to edit them to improve the colour but didn't like the results;

A pretty floral &  flourishes card from Rhiannon

The corner design on this card from Joanna is a stencil - & you get a better view of it in the next photo because Joanna decorated the envelope as well.

We really should do this more often. Perhaps I should pick a show & tell one month where you decorate an envelope.  If you do decorate envelopes just be aware that the ink you use might run if it rains whilst the postman is delivering it.  So best to hand it to the recipient instead.

Ooh, a girl can never have too many shoes, handbags & hats Yvonne. A great card.

This beautiful card with the pansies is by Mair & she has decoupaged the flowers as well.

When I remarked on how lovely the stamp was Mair brought this beautifully stamped tag up to show me. I just had to photograph it - it looks stunning in the black/grey finish.

Ooh  I wonder if it is from her 2015 project!!

This lovely card was made by Sheelagh & because there was a bow - well - I just had to open it

This is the inside & ...............

.......... this is a close up of that flap area - with the flaps open. Very interesting design Sheelagh.

Interesting what can be achieved by using only one colour.

That's me for this post.  I will be back a little later this afternoon - oops more like evening - with the photos from Mold's project of the evening.

'Bye for now.

Mold photos - part 2

Hello again everyone - I am back again, this time with the photos of Mold clubs project on Thursday.

The project was the little cube / square card that folds flat for posting.  Actually it is not unlike the card we made (last year I think) that had struts across the inside & you adhered flowers etc to them in pop-up fashion.

It was easier for me to photograph them laid down on the table.  That is - the cards laid down on the table not me.  But really - you knew that didn't you!

Some topiary from Joan on her card. I like the Shape of the topper - looks good set at that angles

Don't you just love this cows face on Clare's card?  Really cheerful - great card for a child.

I like the way that Yvonne has stamped some flowers onto the sides of the card behind the topper - very effective.

That is a beautiful stamp Riannon has used - I am assuming it is a dandelion

Mair's card is very elegant in black & white - a lovely clean & simple design.

Another interesting topper shape - this time from Janet. I think she is going to colour the Hibiscus later.

Sheelagh's topper is the flower image cut out & also another one adhered to one of the panels. A butterfly at the top giving a diagonal design line finishes this card off brilliantly.

This is such an elegant card from Joanna. That hibiscus stamp in a shade of blue sits just right in front of that background paper.

So there we are ladies - update with posting the club photos for this week.  I have several pieces of member showcases to show you & will do that over the next couple of days.

Have a great weekend.